Friday, 12 February 2016

This week I love...!!! Of course. It's Valentine's Day this weekend and pink is the perfect colour to celebrate it with. I loooooove Valentine's Day. As some of you might know, I got engaged on Valentine's Day so for me it will always be a special occasion. ♥ We're having a small party tomorrow for friends and then on Sunday we'll celebrate with our baby girl. It'll be her first Valentine's and I cannot wait to dress her up in a pink outfit and enjoy it together. ♥ Today I've been decorating for the party. Changing cushions from grey to pink, adding little pink touches around the house - candles, flowers etc. Now, it's starting to look right. Also, my new living room light was put up today. It's gorgeous!!! A perfect present. From me to me. Ha hah!

So, in keeping with the pink theme, this week's favourites all have pink, pink and more pink. How are you preparing for Valentine's Day?

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