Friday, 27 July 2012

This week I love...

... the weather! And my tan! And Wiley's song 'Wearing My Rolex'! And my home that's so beautiful after I've been doing some cleaning, de-cluttering and decorating! I did have a paint job lined up as well but forgot the sanding machine to the summer cottage so couldn't paint yet. Well, there's always next week.

It's the weekend! No more work, until Monday that is. Before that dreaded Monday I have my cousin's wedding on Saturday and some building work at the summer cottange on Sunday. So, a very nice weekend ahead, I think. What have you got planned?!

Maybe you can find something to do from my selection...

1. How about making a poster for your home? I did that recently. I took two prints from my Pinterest board Posters and Prints, printed them out and put them into frames. It's so easy and you can make cute posters for any room in the house. And by altering the way you display them - in frames, hung with clothes pegs, taped with washi tape - you can make them look very different.

It's really trendy at the moment to have a collage of different posters with a common theme - could be for example that they're all black and white pictures or they all have a Paris theme or different words/sentences. The common theme might be something that only you know - a memory or a funny story. That's entirely up to you.

Here's some fun options that you might want to consider. You can find these and lots of others on my Pinterest. Let me know how they turn out.


2. Last autumn my friend's kids' school had a bake sale. They also had raffles and lots of other activities and games but nothing was as popular as what my friend had decided to do... My friend had decided that she'd do mini manicures for all the little girls. And she asked me to go with her to help out. As a big fan of doing nails I decided to tag along. The day was a real success and we did lots of different nails - most of them with some kind of diamonte detail.

So, this weekend, how about you do your nails. Or your daughters nails? Or even a friends? It's so much fun and will brighten up any outfit. Don't forget the toe nails. The weather will be perfect for sandals so your toes will need to look cute too. I have a wedding to go to so will definitely need to paint my nails.

Here's some cute ideas and colours to try... Wonder which one I'll go for... Quite like the first one.

- Ombre is popular even on nail polish - use a make up sponge to put on the colour to the tip of the nail and finish off with a top coat. This looks really cute with a proper glitter nail polish on the tips.

- I love these metallic nails! I haven't seen a polish like this so presumably it's been done professionally, using some kinds of foils or something. If anyone knows how to DIY this, let me know! :)

- This is a nice variation on an ordinary look. Paint the other nails as you normally do but make one different. It can be any finger and it can be glittery, stripey, covered in flowers or whatever you like. I would think that especially little girls would love this look!

- And then something for the bigger girls. This is super chic! Use either stickers or if you have a really steady hand, write it yourself.

3. How about this super easy DIY candle lantern? I think this would look so awesome hanging in the garden at night, especially if you would have a party. All you need is soup cans and something with a round and sharp edge, for example a screw driver or an ice pick or something similar. Then just draw the shape you want with a marker pen - heart, star, flower - and start making the holes. When you finish, make two more holes on the top, on each side for the ribbon. And there you go. If you want you can paint the can before hand to match your party or garden furniture.
4. Like I said I've been cleaning and doing other stuff around the house and you know what always finished off something like that really nicely? Flowers! I'm a huge fan of fresh flowers. As I'm sure you can tell by all the flowers you've seen pictured here. They just instantly jazz up any room. Plus they smell awesome - especially roses, lilies and fresias.

I'm going to get some flowers this weekend and when I saw this picture I thought "Yeah, that's what I'll do". I really like the display in this picture and as you know, I have lots of vases etc. so putting together a display like this is easy. I could make one with white bottles, brown bottles or even with green bottles. I'm sure some of you have similar collections... Don't try and tell me I'm the only one. :)

5. And finally, here's a beautiful, light, bright and innovative home to inspire you. Look at the details, the colours and the amount of space. And enjoy the weekend!!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

This week I love...

Today was sunny. Summer is officially back! At least it has been for the past two days and I really, really hope that it stays here for a bit longer. My tan is finally starting to show. My brother tans to ridiculously dark whereas I have to sit in the sun for hours and hours and I'll never be that brown. So unfair.

I'm heading over to the summer cottage for the weekend so I hope that I can catch some rays while I'm over there. I still have a lot of painting to do for the cabinet I'm building so plenty of stuff that I can do outside. Yay!

Let's have a look at this week's lovely, beautiful and exciting things...

1. The first thing this week is some pictures from my home. I came back from the holiday, took down all the blue accents and put all my new things in place (the zinc houses on the shelf, the lanterns on the table etc.) and ended up with a black and white look. I love the simplicity but already feel like I should have an accent colour in there. No idea, what that colour would be though...

And have a look at the texts in frames. They're pictures I got from Pinterest, printed out and put into cheap, black Ikea frames. I really like them. What do you think?

2. Next, right after raving on about summer being back, I'm going to do a little fashion piece... on my autumn favourites. As I'm sure you've noticed the shops are starting to get their autumn lines in and you can see colours like dark green, maroon and my new favourite, burgundy.
Here are some things that I'm really looking forward to buying, wearing and enjoying in the coming months...
I've already seen various beautiful jumpers in shops that I want to buy. And I can't wait to wear them with skirts soon or with a cute gilet a bit later.


Or how about another cool cover up like a little jacket or a cape. I bought a gilet in a similar aztec print as the jacket in the picture. It's got a fur lined hood and I cannot wait to wear it. It's so cool.

And fur, fake, of course. I have at least three detachable fur collars and I bought two fur gilets last year so will have plenty to work with this autumn and winter. It's just so soft and glamorous.

I love winter accessories. Chunky knit scarves, leather gloves and above all, hats. Beanies, trilbies, berets... You name it, I'll probably already have it. They really add to a look and you can change the whole feel of the outfit with a hat - what will you choose, a casual beanie or a sexy trilby?

3. One of the other things I wanted to do when I got back from my holiday was to go to Ikea to have a look at the much anticipated Kollektion Blå. So, on Monday, after work I headed over to Ikea in Vantaa where the collection was meant to be available at.

After a dinner of meatballs and chips we headed over to browse the departments. I found the collection towards the end, after almost having given up, near the plants. Various different shades of blue - cobalt, aqua, electric and navy could all be found in the collection and there was a lot of nice pieces.

After looking at the pictures, I had identified a navy rug with white print and some floor cushions as my favourite pieces and they didn't disappoint. However, after having just packed away all the blue from my home I didn't buy them. In fact, the only thing I ended up buying was a paper garland with blue and gold. It was really beautiful and I thought it might be nice in my bedroom. I haven't put it up yet so will have to get back to you on that.

If you have a chance and provided that you like blue, it's definitely worth checking out.

4. You know how there's always something in the house that you are dying to change. Well, for me it's my hallway. The walls are just boring white and don't even get me started on the rug. *sigh* It's also quite romantic whereas the rest of the house is much more streamlined these days. When I first moved in, I decorated a coat rack, a little stool and the electricity board cover with stamps, decoupage and flower pictures. But now they just feel like they don't go with the rest of the house.

I'd like to wallpaper one of the walls with a gorgeous wallpaper and get a nice rug so that when people come in they can instantly see from the hallway what awaits them as they get further into my home. I need to start planning this, otherwise it'll never happen.

I put this picture in as inspiration as I really like the blackboard as well as the table. My little hallway won't fit a table that big but it could have something similar. And I'd really like a plant in there. But it's really dark so I'm guessing I need to get a fake plant. I think my key words will be simplify and personalise. Do you have similar projects coming up?!

5. A reminder to all of you antique fans and collectors... An antique fair in Lohja is this weekend 21. - 22.7. It'll start at 10 on both days and is held at the Lohja ice hockey arena. About 40 sellers from Finland and Sweden will be there. It's quite a small but a very nice fair so definitely worth going to. I went last year and will be there again this year.

Have a great weekend!!! Let's hope it'll be sunny...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

H&M Home for Kids

Calling all mums, dads, aunts and uncles... and everyone else who has children in their lives. Have you heard the news yet?! H&M Home has launched their first kids collection this autumn. And it's super cute!!

Babies are getting white, silver, grey and pastels. Oh, and leopard print! How cute is that?! I so wish that I had a baby that I could buy the leopard print sheets for. Maybe I should buy them now for the future. Ha hah! I also love the white linen bedsheets with the french text on them and the bunny rattles that come as a pair.

For toddlers and school kids there's bright colours in a forest theme. Bears, foxes and bunnies are hopping in sheets, towels, cushions etc. There's also metallic hooks in animal shapes, decorative letters that spell words like LOVE and different kinds of storage options. Most of it is organic cotton and the price is definitely right.

You can have a look at the collection in full on their website and do your shopping at the same time. Just click here (for the Finnish H&M site). The collection is available NOW in all countries that have H&M Home stores and/or online shopping.  

Here are some of the items that I loved... What are your favourites?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Kesälomamatkailua... Paimio

Kesän viimeinen matka, ainakin näillä näkymin, suuntautui Paimioon. Olimme menossa sinne lauantaina ja perjantai-iltana tarkistimme vielä osoitteita ja aukioloaikoja jolloin selvisi, että Adalmiinan Helmi sekä Tunnelmapuoti ovat molemmat kiinni lauantaina. Voi ei! No, päätimme kuitenkin lähteä matkaan ja olin todella iloinen, että lähdimme, koska Torpparin Werstas on muuttanut uusiin tiloihin ja oli aivan ihana!!!

Se oli ennenkin Vistantiellä, Paimiossa, mutta vain yhdessä pienessä huoneessa. Nyt se oli muuttanut vanhaan taloon, jossa sillä oli yksi pienempi huone sekä toinen isompi huone. Alkuperäiset tapetit olivat vielä seinissä ja lattia hurmaavasti vinossa. Se vain lisäsi tunnelmaa.

Valikoimasta löytyy mm. Bloomingville sekä Jeanne D'Arc Living. Suurin osa tuotteista on romanttista linjaa, mutta mukaan mahtuu myös teollisuus trendiin sopivia tuotteita.

Ostin mustan tyynynpäällisen, jossa on valkoinen & merkki sekä pari vanhaa kasvitaulua sekä pitsitarroja. Kannattaa käydä pistäytymässä! Tai vähintäänkin vierailla nettipuodissa.

Paimiosta lähdimme ajamaan takaisin kohti Saloa. Pysähdyimme matkalla Design Hill nimiseen "myymälään" Halikossa. Valikoimassa on kotimaisia tekstiilejä, Nanso, Finlayson jne., astioita ja keramiikkaa, kortteja ja paljon muuta. Aina löytyy jotain pientä mukavaa kotiin viemisiksi.

Kuitenkin, ehkä kaikkein paras osa on kahvila, jota pyörittää Toinen Keksi niminen kahvila, joka pyörittää kahvilaa ja suklaapuotia Design Hillissä, mutta myös kahvilaa Salon keskustassa. Tuotteet ovat suussa sulavia ja esillepano aivan upea! Kannattaa pysähtyä, kun siellä päin ajelee.

Maanantai on jo voiton puolella eli kyllä se viikko tästä lähtee käyntiin. :) Itselläni oli tänään ensimmäinen päivä loman jälkeen ja vaikka olikin tylsää, kun loma loppui niin eipä tuolla sateessa paljon olisikaan haluttanut lomailla. Toivottavasti elokuussa paistaa sitten aurinko, kun minulla on vielä yksi viikko lomaa. Hauskaa loppuviikkoa!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

This week I love...

It's Friday and it's the last day of my holiday. Boooo!!! On Monday it'll be back to work for this lady. But I do still have two weeks off in August so it's not all bad, I guess. Then again, I'll be needing that two weeks to recuperate from this holiday. Ha hah!
We're going to build a small guest cottage next to our summer cottage to get some more sleeping space and have been laying the ground work during my holiday. This means shovelling, what feels like tons, of rocks to even out the very uneven surface where it'll be going. My back aches, my arms are so weak I can barely lift a spoon and I don't know how I'll get out of bed tomorrow.

I sincerely hope your having a more relaxing holiday. :) Is anyone enjoying a holiday in Tahiti, where the picture is from, or somewhere equally gorgeous? Lucky you!!!

Let's get down to business and have a look at this week's favourites...

1. The thing that keeps me going, when I stand knee deep in the pile of rocks, is thinking about decorating the new little cottage. It'll be about 15m² so will only fit a bed and somewhere to put our clothes in but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming big.

From outside it'll be painted dark brown like the main cottage but from the inside... I don't quite know yet. I keep going from a black and white look to a pastel dream and everything in between. The only thing that I'm decided on is that I definitely want netting over the bed and because the cottage is small I'm thinking of painting it white inside. Then again, a feature wall of some sort would be so nice. Glad I don't have to make these decisions yet. Ha hah! Here's some inspiration pictures that I've been looking at thinking "maybe, it'll be like this..."

2. I don't know what it is about me and Ikea but I can't deny that I shop there a lot and think that a lot of the things that they do are pretty great. But now, they've really outdone themselves...

A limited edition MIRRORED Malm drawer is going to be coming to stores soon. Unfortunately, I don't have any more details at the moment as to which countries it'll be available in or when exactly it'll be coming into stores but I had to put this here so that you can look forward to it as much as I do.
 3. I haven't done a DIY in a while and since my cabinet is nowhere near ready to be shown as a DIY project I had to come up with something else. So, I looked into my DIY board in Pinterest and found this cute idea.

It's easy to do and great for kids as well. Perfect entertainment for a rainy day... and it seems there's been quite a few of them recently. I remember doing this myself when I was little. I would always make my rocks look like cats though. But these owl ones are very on trend and perhaps a bit easier to do as well.

4. I love stripes! They always remind me of summer. They're classic and work with everything. And have you noticed how stripes always come back into fashion in the spring? It seems that every year the clothing stores start drumming up the nautical trend ahead of summer. Here's some ideas on how to incorporate stripes into your summer wardrobe.

5. Last thing on the list... A little tip for this weekend. If you're driving through Salo, stop by Kikan Kukka ja Lahja - the most beautiful flower shop I've been to. They're closing the doors for a summer holiday so all the flowers must be sold over the weekend. This means that you can get for example a citrus tree half price and as there's less flowers there's more decorating stuff. I love that little table with the numbered drawers. Go and have a look! And have a fab weekend!!!

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