Friday, 5 June 2015

This week I love...

...parties!!! S has his birthday tomorrow and we're doing a barbeque party for him. Yay! Summer is such a great time 'cause there's always plenty of parties - planned and spontaneous ones. We've got a wedding to go to at the end of this month and I just can't wait. Do you have any parties coming up?

So, onto this week's list then...

1. I ♥ this wallpaper
This entrance looks seriously cool and it's all thanks to the amazing wallpaper. You can get the look at home with this very similar wallpaper from Ellos. I'm very tempted...

2. I ♥ concrete
Concrete is becoming more mainstream and it's being used more and more. And in more creative ways. Or what do you think of this gorgeous concrete sink? I've written before about how to DIY things with concrete. You can find that post here or check out my Pinterest board DIY And Craft Ideas that has lots more concrete projects for you to try.

3. I ♥ this house
Exposed brick. That's all I need to see and I immediately fall in love with a house. Ha hah! In this case it's on the kitchen island and behind the TV and it looks just as good as ever. I also love that wallpaper in the sleeping alcove and the gorgeous herringbone flooring. All pictures from Alvhem.

4. I ♥ DIY
How easy is this "Ikea hack" where a plain and boring MALM drawer has been made more interesting and more personal by adding a lick of paint?! It almost makes me want to buy the drawer so I could paint it. With pink of course (for the baby).

Picture from IKEA

5. I ♥ these bracelets
OMG! I want all of these. They look soooo cool together. Oh, maybe I could make something like this myself. All I need to do is find similar beads and get cracking. That's what I'll do...

Maybe that's something to do for the weekend. What are you up to?! 

Picture from Pinterest


  1. Heippa! Löysin tieni tänne KUKKALA -blogin kautta ja hyvä, että löysin. Kivoja juttuja sulla täällä! Ja noi Alvhemin sivut on kyllä ihan paras paikka hakea sisustusinspiraatiota!

    Aurinkoista sunnuntaita sulle!

    1. Heippa Muusa. Tosi kiva, että löysit tänne ja ennen kaikkea tykkäsit näkemästäsi. Toivottavasti siis nähdään uudestaankin. :D


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