Friday, 3 July 2015

This week I love...

...the holidays!!!! I know, I'm on maternity leave so technically I'm on holiday all the time. Although I'm not entirely sure if having a baby can be called a holiday?! :) My mum's summer holiday starts today so that means that the summer cottage will be busy for the next month. I'll be joining them for at least part of that time starting tomorrow. Yay! So excited. Especially if these kind of sunny days continue.

1. I ♥ this chair
OMG! Last week I was raving about the stripey chairs but this week there's a new unknown contender in the game. That chair is soooo cool but I have no info on it as I found this picture on Tumblr without any tags or info. Boo!! But it was too cool to pass...

2. I ♥ DIY
What a cool idea to frame dried flowers and leaves. Looks awesome. I remember seeing similar frames at H&M Home but they weren't quite that big. I wonder where I could find suitable frames for this. Would love to try it...

3. I ♥ this house
WOW! This house has it all... Grey, white and pastels as a colour scheme. Gorgeous prints, amazing furniture and beautiful details. Especially the kids' spaces are stunning (notice the one behind the living room couch). Oh, and make sure you check out the terrace. Just so cute and summery. You can find more pictures here. But I have selected quite a few to show you too. Enjoy!!

4. I ♥ pink accessories
These look so summery and would perk up a black outfit or complement a white/nude coloured outfit. I especially love the rose tinted sunglasses. Oh, and I do love that first bag too. Wow! It's by Sophie Hulme. Gorgeous!

5. I ♥ Sinnerlig
Ilse Crawford, a London based interior designer, is the hottest name in interiors at the moment. She has collaborated with Ikea and the fruits of this amazing labour, the Sinnerlig collection, will be available in stores in August. Get in the queue as I'm sure this will be really popular!!!

I'm off to pack now. I'll be packing for two for the first time. How exciting! :D Have a great weekend!!

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