Friday, 25 September 2015

This week I love... new computer, of course!! I'm finally back in the world of blogs, Pinterest, celebrity gossip and whatever else important there is... :) During my time without a computer I even joined Instagram. Finally, I know. Ha hah! Now, I'm addicted to a whole new kind of social media. I've already discovered so many amazing people, got so many ideas and found endless amounts of inspiration. I think that's what's the best part about it.

I've decided to change the concept of my weekly favourites a little bit. Each week there'll be a theme and all the pictures will follow that theme. This week I've been loving PASTELS. I know it's a bit odd that in the autumn where there are warm, rustic tones everywhere I would be hankering after pastels but that's what has been on my mind... And I guess I am a bit odd sometimes. Ha hah! Is there anything you like?! I'd take that sofa in a heart beat.

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