Friday, 18 March 2016

This week I love...

...spring fashion!!! I know this is mainly an interior blog but today it'll be a fashion blog. Or at least trying to be. :) I've been inspired this week by fashion, both at work and at home so I wanted to share with you some of this spring/summer's key items and trends. These are based purely on my own opinion. Things I love, admire and adore. My absolutely favourite is the midi skirt. I've been loving it ever since they were first fashionable in London back when I used to still live there. It takes a while for things to become fashionable here in Finland too. Ha hah! However, the wide trousers are a surprise favourite this spring - the more I see them, the cooler they look.

I've picked a mix of street style pictures (from Pinterest), celebrity looks and some still life shots (those are all from H&M) to show the trend or item at its best. What's your favourite?

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