Friday, 19 December 2014

This week I love...

...Christmas, of course!!! It's almost here and I couldn't be more excited. Well, no, I could if I had bought all of my presents. But no, I still have a last minute mad dash to do tomorrow before everything is in order. And then there's the wrapping. At least, I like that part. :)

But so, without further chit chat, let's get down to business. This week's list...

1. I ♥ DIY
This star garland is so amazing! I wonder if I still have time to make one... It's super easy. All you need is stars and a sewing machine. Obviously, the stars can be attached in a million different ways but this particular one has been done by sewing them together. So simple and it'll work after Christmas too. Yay! The picture is from here.

2. I ♥ these gift tags
These ones are funny!! Most tags are beautiful but these will definitely bring a smile to the recipients face. No matter what's inside. They will look their best with simple wrapping paper but how about trying red instead of white?

3. I ♥ our home at Christmas
Here are some pictures from our home from previous Christmases. Notice the red colour! There's none of that this year. And to be honest... I think I miss it a little bit. Ha hah!! Well, luckily there's always next year. :) I have to say, looking back, it looks much more like Christmas in these pictures than it does at home at the moment. I think I better do something about that this weekend. Another thing to add to the to do list...

4. I ♥ red
This time of year, red is the colour. If not at home, at least definitely in the wardrobe department. I'm going to wear some red to work tomorrow. To bring some Christmas cheer to me and to the customers. Ha hah! Oh, that reminds me, I still need to paint my nails red too.

Jumper from H&M, bag from Louis Vuitton

5. I ♥ setting the table
Are you struggling with how to set the table for Christmas? Here are some fabulous ideas. Be creative and put together unexpected things - like all of your candlesticks on the table at once. I also love the simple Scandinavian style with the best that nature has to offer. Which one is your favourite?

Last weekend before Christmas!!! Enjoy, relax and whatever you do, don't panic!!! Christmas will come anyway, whether you've bought one or ten presents. :)

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