Friday, 6 March 2015

This week I love...

...changes. Small and big. Both are happening here. Small changes like a new TV stand in the living room. Which actually ended up making a big difference. Very pleased! The weather is clearly changing too, I've seen sun (but also rain and snow this week). And of course, the biggest change of all, a baby, that is still waiting in the tummy for the right time to come and meet us. Change is positive if you take it the right way. Make it about growth, experience and a chance to start fresh. Embrace it! What could you change this weekend?

Shall we have a look at this week's favourites then?!

1. I ♥ new hair
Another change in my life will be my hair (as I've already told you about a million times) and you know what... I'm now tired of waiting for the baby to come to change my hair so I've asked my mum to boldly grab a pair of scissors and lob off about 10cm. Yikes! Hopefully, this will happen tomorrow, if not tonight... I'll show her these pics and hold my breath. Ha hah!

2. I ♥ scallops
No, not to eat!!! Definitely no. But the shape - nothings prettier than a scalloped edge, whether it's on a wall or on a piece of clothing. It's suits many spaces, though my favourite is in a nursery, and it's softer than chevron. Are you a fan?

3. I ♥ this house
We're back on the Swedish soil and this week's favourite is this beautiful grey toned home. The kitchen tiles alone, make me want to move in! Why is it that everyone has those tiles now?! Everyone but me, I mean... So unfair!! :) That nursery is also to die for and are my eyes correct in seeing a play kitchen made of String shelving?! Wow! Enjoy these amazing pictures. I know I'll be looking at these again and again... For more, click here.

4. I ♥ DIY
Easter is coming soon and I have big plans to make all kinds of cool stuff for that - eggs, cards, branches. I don't quite know how I'll combine a newborn and cool DIY but we'll see. Ha hah!! Here are some feather inspired ideas I've been admiring while browsing through Pinterest. You can find more on my Easter board.

5. I ♥ tulips
The shops are bursting with tulips in a variety of amazing colours. Apparently, Finns are one of the most tulip loving people in the world and buy a lot(!!) of tulips. It makes sense. It's normally still quite wintery outside so fresh flowers, especially colourful tulips, bring the spring feeling home.

There are a couple of things to remember with tulips... When you buy them, make sure they are dry, they shouldn't be in water! Don't over-water them at home either or they're grow out in days. Lastly, be creative. I recently found this fabulous blog, Kukkala, with lots of creative ways to display tulips (and lots more flower stuff too). Click here to see more. Here are some of my favourite ideas.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and get to try some of these tips...

Put individual stems in glass bottles and arrange on a tray

Put a vase in a wire basket and cover with paper - then just fill it with tulips

Cut the tulips at different lengths and put in a tall vase - add stones at the bottom if you want

Buy a variety of tulips with longer stems and bend them in a fish bowl


  1. Oooo sun hiuksista tulee niiiiin hienot!! Ja ihania inspiraatiokuvia tulppaaneista, toi kolmas ylhäältä on upea!
    xx J

    1. No, toivotaan niin. Muuten joudun kulkee hattu päässä seuraavat kuukaudet. :D Aika kivoja joo (ja helppoja), varsinkin, ku vertaa ihan perus kimppuun maljakossa.


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