Friday, 27 November 2015

This week I love...

...DIY!!! Do it yourself. I've been busy all week getting ready for a Christmas market this weekend where people are selling things that they have made themselves. I'll be there too. I hope I'll see many of you there. Check out the latest details by clicking on the picture under the Events header on the left. We are praying the weather will allow it but let's see. HUOM! Cafe Latten Joulutorilla on säävaraus - seuratkaa tapahtuman Facebook sivuja viimeisimpien tietojen saamiseksi!

I obviously do things around the year but especially around the holiday season, even people who are not normally so active, start to do things - cards, decorations, presents etc. And it's great! I love receiving hand made cards and yes, I love to make them too. The main thing stopping most people is that they think it's hard. Sure, some of it can be but you can make beautiful, individual things very easily too.

This week I wanted to share DIY ideas for everyone - gifts, cards, easy, not so easy. Something for everyone from beginner to more advanced. I hope that you will try out these ideas this Christmas and bring joy to the people in your life with less money but with more thought and love. You can find other DIY ideas that I've written about before here. Enjoy!!

From Caisa K. blog

You can print the labels from here

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