Friday, 1 January 2016

This week I love...

...the new interior year, of course! A new year has indeed begun and with it a whole new year of decorating is ahead of us. And what an exciting year it'll be, I'm sure. The first magazines of the year will always have trend predictions and ideas on how to re-invent your home this season. I love to buy them and see what's in store for the year. I already have some plans to change the look around my home too. Even without reading any of the magazines. Ha hah! Here are some of those changes, some ideas and some predictions on what will be big in 2016!!!

One of the big changes will be new dining room chairs. I've been dreaming about them for a long time and I think I've found them now. These beauties are grey and the legs are oak, just like our dining table. Tomorrow we'll find out how they look in real life and whether they'll be suitable for us. Or will I be going for white chairs instead...

One of the smaller changes will be adding a new accent colour to the interior. I love taking down all the red from Christmas and replacing it with something more fresh. Currently that fresh new colour is grey but that's surely going to get something cute and pastel next to it soon. Pantone, the world known company who each season publish the trendiest colours have spoken... So, should I go for pink or blue? :)

And you simply can't start a new year without a gorgeous new calendar or a diary. I've already bought a diary but I'd love to get one of these wall calendars too. I think I prefer the one in the middle as it comes with a weekly planner to accompany it (and it's free!). As our routines will change greatly due to me returning to work and S staying at home with the baby, I think that might be useful. You can print them out here, here and here.

Even though I haven't read any magazines I did have a sneak peak at the wonderful world of Internet for some interior trends of 2016. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am very on trend with my love of mixing old with new. This year it's specifically traditional details such as tassels, weaving and hand-crafted goodies that are combined with more modern interiors.

DIY - do it yourself. That will always be in style and will always give you a more personal look. I found this guide to transforming your ordinary Ikea pieces into fabulous parts of the interior. So many great ideas I don't know where to start... I especially love the wooden Norden dip-dye paint job. Which one is your favourite? Click here to get started.

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