This week I love...

... the weekend. Ha hah! I know, a bit of an obvious choice. Allow me to explain. The reason I particularly love THIS weekend is the amount of things happening. There is the Helsinki Design Week which includes a host of amazing events, pop ups and tours. Käden Taito, a craft fair, will also take place and I'm definitely going there. In addition to these public events there's a trip to the summer cottage and a mini makeover of my hallway. Phew!! By Sunday evening I'll probably want to change this to "I love my bed". Before all that though, let's have a look at this week's favourites...

1. I ♥ Marcella Kaspar
Marcella Kaspar is an amazing painter from Czech Republic. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia and the reason I know about her is because I saw her home in the new Divaani magazine. Though her home is quite fabulous, the thing that I really fell for were the peony paintings throughout the house. I am planning on having a picture of one of her paintings blown up and hang it on my wall. Just can't quite decide which one I like the best. Here are a couple snaps from her home and a few of her paintings too. What do you think?!

2. I ♥ Marimekko Sääpäiväkirja
I love cups, plates, saucers, bowls etc. But they need to be pretty! And the new Marimekko Sääpäiväkirja series is pretty. The patterns are abstract, soft, almost like watercolour painted and beautiful. Have you seen it yet?! Here are some of my favourite pieces.

3. I ♥ Jessica Alba
Jessica could be on my list every week as she's one of my favourite celebrities. The reason she's here now is that this week she's been attending a variety of fashion shows on New York Fashion Week. She's obviously looked incredible every day but I especially love her Ralph Lauren outfit that she wore to his show. The stunning pink skirt is paired with a simple jumper and heels and the whole outfit rocks!! *swoon*

4. I ♥ this home
Another magazine find is the home of Leea af Heurlin in the latest Koti ja Keittiö magazine. Talk about inspirational... It's soooo beautiful. Dominated by different shades of grey, it's full of beautiful details, fabulous furniture and I looooove those chalk painted walls. This is what I want in my home too...

5. I ♥ this carpet
I have found another contender in the living room carpet competition. This one is from Ellos. Now, I've never bought anything from there but recently their interior side has gotten REALLY good so I'm a bit tempted now. And not only by this carpet... Ha hah! The carpet in question is gorgeous - love the colour and the pattern, big enough for the living room and a good price too. The only thing is that it's cotton, not wool so I don't know if it'll be very lasting. Probably not and I'd rather not buy a new carpet every other year. I think I still need to think about this before I can make a purchase.

That's it for this week, have a great weekend!!!! See you soon!


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