Friday, 5 April 2013

This week I love...

Yay! Friday! I hope the weather will be as beautiful on the weekend as it's been this past week. Sunny, blue skies and above +0. That's all progress, you know. Spring really is coming... Veeeery slowly but steadily. This week's favourites are already starting to show that we're approaching spring time. Pastel nails, party surprises and much more. Shall we have a peek? Let's go...

1. I ♥ geometric nails
I love nail polishes, nail jewellery... well, pretty much nail everything. In case you read the new Finnish Trendi magazine you will have seen some geometric nails on their story about this spring's new nail looks. This is a fun look and easy to achieve. I found these pictures from Pinterest that show you different styles.
There's two ways to achieve this look: paint your nails as you would normally, let dry properly and then cover with normal tape to make a pattern of your choice and then paint over another coat in a different colour. Or you could buy nail stickers and cut the shape from that. Try it and love it.

2. I ♥ this summer cottage kitchen
Well, I don't really love it. I'm too jealous of it!!! It's amazing. Not least because of the awesome String shelving system. How can someone be so lucky that they even have this shelving at their summer cottage?! The pics are from Time of the Aquarius blog. Definitely worth a look - imagine what her house looks like if this is the summer cottage.

3. I ♥ Tolix chairs
I don't like fake designer handbags but I loooooove this fake designer chair. It's an incredible copy of the famous Tolix chair sold by a Finnish company Kodin1. It's from their very popular Anno collection and will no doubt join the Pandora rug as another one of bloggers' favourite items. What do you think?!

4. I ♥ the Swedish houses
And this gorgeous flat is no exception. Yes, I obviously love the floors (always), the hallway with its stripey wallpaper and black furniture and that balcony is gorgeous but in this flat what caught my eye first was the textiles. Especially that beautiful rug in the living room. And when you step out of your door there's a cute little restaurant and a flower shop (check the last picture). This clearly is my dream house. For more, click here.

5. I ♥ these ice cubes
Spring and summer are full of awesome parties. And these ice cubes are that one extra little thing that will blow your guests' minds. They're stunning but super easy to make. Just drop flowers and/or petals into the ice cube tray and cover with water and voila. You're done. I spotted these beauties in Pinterest and just had to share these with you guys.

Why not try them this weekend?! Enjoy!!!

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