Friday, 12 April 2013

This week I love...

Friday!!! Yay! I have such a nice weekend planned that I'm bursting at the seams just thinking about it. I've had two days of training at work that has left me really inspired and newly motivated and it's the perfect place to start the weekend. So, what's going on this weekend then? Well, there's the Home&Garden&Decorating fair that I'm going to tomorrow, later an evening with the fabulous visual ladies and on Sunday a bit of birthday celebrations (my uncle's) and a first meeting with a friend who has asked for my help with the interior design of her new house that's still being built. So excited!! Hope you have an equally eventful weekend ahead.

Oh, and on Monday I'm leaving to go to Mariehamn for a store opening project that lasts for a week and a half. Let's have a look if this week's favourites are equally exciting...

1. I ♥ concrete
Concrete is very trendy at the moment. It's rough and simple. And without any personal knowledge, apparently quite easy to work with. I've seen pots, candle holders etc. made of it and this summer I am planning on getting in on the action. Until then, here's something to inspire you...

Norwegian photographer Tom Haga's pictures are made into concrete photo wallpaper - awesome! Picture from Gloria magazine's website.

Check out these amazing concrete shelves. I wish I could make these!! No doubt these were made by either a professional or someone with quite a lot of experience that's how awesome they are. But imagine how heavy they are! You would need really strong holders though. You can find the picture and more info from here

I found these cute candle holders from Ripaus Tunnelmaa blog when I was looking for pictures of things that I could make from concrete. This is exactly what I want to try. I know I have that kind of molds in my cupboards already so that's where I'll start.

If you're interested, here's some reading to get you started:
Malena Skote - Betoni on kaunista
Susanna Zacke & Sania Hedengren - Betoni - 33 inspiroivaa ideaa
Malin Nilsson & Camilla Arvidsson - Betonia ja kullan kimallusta

2. I ♥ monogramme necklaces
I'm obsessed with these necklaces by SwellCaroline. I soooo want one of these but I couldn't find information on whether they'll ship to Europe or not, so unfortunately it seems I won't be getting it from this company. Where else could I get one??! Have you seen any? Let me know...

3. I ♥ the Olsen sisters
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are best known as child stars that grew up to become fashion designers and more importantly fashion icons. The tiny sisters can be difficult to tell apart but Ashley is blonde with a more classic, feminine style while M-K has darker hair and a more grunge influenced style. Last year the sisters won CFDA Womenswear designer of the year award for their fashion line The Row.
The exciting news that I read today and wanted to share with you are that the duo are designing three collections for the Norwegian fashion chain Bik Bok which opened its first stores in Finland last year. The collections will be in stores this autumn. I can't wait!!

4. I ♥ Pure Love 
Pure Love is a Swedish lifestyle store with a fabulous selection of products. Yes, my favourite is the gorgeous rug but the range includes much much more. Ylva Skarp cards and posters are also on my shopping list so I think I'll have to try and order from there soon. Here are some of my favourites for you to see. All pictures are from the shop's website. To get to the shop, click here.

5. I ♥ DIY
Hey, how about a super easy DIY at the end?! Maybe something that you could do this weekend? All you need is something that you want to decorate for example a paper bag, spray paint and a doily or lace. No strict rules or clean lines so get creative.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Picture from Pinterest

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