Friday, 10 January 2014

This week I love...

...the fact that I've started proper and regular exercise. Booiaka on Wednesdays and zumba on Fridays. I hate the gym so I'll never be a gym bunny... but play some hip hop and dancehall and let me dance for an hour and I'm in heaven. Yay! So, my new year and my promise to get fit are off to a good start. How are you doing?

Hey, let's start checking this week's fab finds...

1. I ♥ a new calendar
A new year is the time to think about a new calendar. I am definitely going to print out this beauty to put up on my wall. I just love the colours and the prints. You can download your own calendar from here.

2. I ♥ H&M Home Spring 2014
Every spring pastels make a comeback and this year is no different. Muted pinks, soft creams and beautiful blues. That's what this spring is made of. This week I've seen s/s collections from Bloomingville, House Doctor and H&M Home and you know which one is my favourite so here are some pictures for you to enjoy too.

Picture H&M

Picture H&M

Picture H&M

Picture H&M

3. I ♥ Larsson & Jennings watch
OMG! I am in love and the object of my affection is this gorgeous Larsson & Jennings watch. I saw it on Pinterest and had to google it asap. I think I'll start to drop some heavy hints and maybe one day this beauty could be seen on my wrist too. Isn't it just stunning?!

4. I ♥ this home
I think I've found my accent colour! These pictures are not new anymore but they really hit home this week when I was looking for a colour to add to our home. That coral looks just so fresh and goes beautifully with the blacks, whites and greys. You can find the rest of the pictures on Fantastic Frank's website, here.

5. I ♥ DIY
This is an interesting one... I'm not quite sure how easy this is but I am very tempted to give it a go. This one only requires a can of white spray paint and some glass jars. Spray painting them all white allows you to combine different kind of jars as they'll look similar due to their new colour. You could also just paint the bottom - do a kind of a dip dye paint job leaving the glass to show on top. I think that might be quite cool too. I might try this during the weekend...

So, this is it. Have a great weekend!!!

Picture from Pinterest

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