Friday, 6 June 2014

This week I love...

...dreaming! Dreaming about the upcoming summer, about my new sofa, about holidays abroad. And lots of other stuff too. But actually in real life, this week has been awesome. Yesterday there was a lovely event - bloggers' flea market and today I had a day off. Yay! What could be better?! Time to hang around the house, decorate, visit Ikea, spend time with S (the birthday boy!) and just enjoy the summer. The best!!!

Let's get started then...

1. I ♥ recycling
I don't mean recycling rubbish but recycling furniture by giving it a new life. For example there is this beautiful cabinet at my grandmother's house that has been there forever! I think it would look gorgeous if it was painted in another colour. Like dove grey, perhaps. And then I would happily recycle it and give it a new life at my house. :)
I got together some pictures to give you the idea of what I mean. They all happened to be pretty much the same colour but that is NOT the colour I have in mind, though it is beautiful. What do you think of painting old furniture?

2. I ♥ Ekenäset
These new Limited Collection sofa and armchair are aaaaamazing! Gorgeous 50s style and beautiful grey upholstering. I almost changed my mind about my new sofa but I don't want wooden armrests so that rules this one out. The armchair on the other hand is gorg! I might have to consider buying that one... And M, you should definitely get it!!! You can thank Ikea for these beauties. In stores now.

Picture from Ikea

Picture from Ikea

3. I ♥ this home
OMG! There is the most gorgeous balcony on this flat. Yes, it's not glazed but otherwise it's simply divine. As I've said a million times before I don't have a balcony and whenever I see one I'm always wildly jealous. Especially if it happens to be as nice as this one. And there is so much subway tiling going on in this house I am about to go crazy! There is just nothing that looks as good. When I own my own home one day I will be tiling everywhere I can. Ha hah! You can see the rest of the pictures in Alvhem's website.

4. I ♥ Essie
This beautiful new shade would be absolutely perfect for summer!! I love Essie's nailpolishes anyway and this has shoot right up on my list of favourites. The shade is called Head Mistress and it's from the Stylenomics collection. Love, love, love it!

5. I ♥ Italy
Like I said one of the things I dream about is a holiday abroad and on the top of the list of destinations is Italy. And more specifically, Positano or Cinque Terre. These two places are simply breath-taking and I've only heard good things about them. Also, one of my favourite movies, Only You, was filmed in Positano. Anyone been to either of these two?

Cinque Terre



  1. Tällä yksi Italia-fani! :)
    Käytiin juuri tuolla Cingue Terressä pari vuotta sitten ja tykättiin kovasti kylästä kylään kulkevasta vaellusreitistä.
    Ihanat kylät ja mahtavat maisemat! Niin upeat värit noissa taloissa, ah!
    Olen ensi kertaa visiitillä blogissasi. Kivalta näyttää!

    Nähtiinkin siellä blogi-kirppiksellä. :)

    1. Ai kuinka kiva, tervetuloa! Oih, miten ihanalta Cinque Terre kuulostaa! Nyt haluan siis sinne vielä enemmän. Eikö ollutkin ihana tapahtuma se kirppis? Onneksi tulossa on uusikin kirppis syksymmällä. Toivottavasti nähdään silloinkin!


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