Saturday, 11 April 2015

This week I love...

...change. I do, it's good for you. My life has obviously changed as I am now a mum, my home has changed too as it's now the home of a little girl and all of her things as well and this week I'm changing this weekly list of mine. :) It normally takes me at least two hours to compile the list and the accompanying blog post. And that's on a good week. These days I don't have that kind of luxury anymore and time is more, shall I say, in demand. So, I am simplifying the outlook of the list... I hope that you will continue to read it and will still find inspiration and ideas. There'll probably be less talk about the reasons behind the choices or less pictures but the message is still loud and clear - the list is about things I love.

So, let's have a look at what I'm loving this week...

1. I ♥ these vases
They are gorgeous!!! That dark green colour is amazing and they are so decorative. Unfortunately, I don't know the label they are from but you can ask for more information from Kikan Kukka and Lahja Facebook page if you're interested. The picture is from there too.

2. I ♥ Ikea
Last week it was the armchair, this week it's this gorgeous MÖCKELBY dining table that makes an appearance on the list. If I hadn't just bought a new table, I would definitely buy this one. So gorgeous!!! Works both in a rustic as well as in a more modern setting. Imagine how gorgeous that table would look with, say, some Tolix chairs?! One can only dream...

3. I ♥ this house
That's it. I'm moving. Well, if I could, I would. This flat is so perfect - that light, that space, that furniture. Just... wow! I've only taken this one picture here but you can find the rest (and I urge you to check those out too) from Alvhem's website, here

4. I ♥ planning
This week I've started planning our baby's christening. Obviously, I started by making a Pinterest board for the occasion. I'm planning something simple yet beautiful. I'll be making invitations as well as decorations myself. I have so many ideas... I'll tell you more about it soon. Here are a couple of pictures to get the ideas flowing...

5. I ♥ black walls
I know, sounds crazy. But when I saw this photo, how could I not?! Now, this is one thing I know I can't try at home but I am still very much admiring it. In the right environment and in someone else's home. Ha hah! 

That's it. Short and sweet. Time to enjoy the weekend!! 

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