Friday, 4 July 2014

This week I love...

...the sun! It's finally making a comeback and not a minute too soon. I still have one week of holiday left and it was about time for the weather to start being more suitable for holiday. I also love my new hair which I had cut yesterday, the super cute ducklings which practice their swimming skills on the shoreline and also having the time to be able to enjoy all of these things. Only a few more days at the summer cottage and then we're returning back to the city as my mum goes back to work. I still have that week left and S and I are going to Stockholm next week. I cannot wait! We went last year and had such a lovely trip so I'm definitely hoping that this time we'll have an equally great experience.

I think it's time to have a look at this week's favourites now...

1. I ♥ florals
Summer fashion features florals in one way or another almost every year but I'm not that interested in the traditional flower dress that you so often see. I like to see florals worn with some more unexpected items or in an unexpected way. These four ladies all made their floral pieces look personal, interesting and inspiring! I especially love the flower dress paired with the parka. Immediately adds attitude, don't you think? And I neeeeed that kind of flower jacket. These flowery ladies and much more can be found from my Pinterest board Fashion - Spring/Summer.

2. I ♥ this blog
You know how much I love finding new blogs and obviously if you really wanted to, you could probably find a new one every day. That's how many blogs there seems to be around these days. But I'm more of a quality over quantity kind of girl and prefer to read a few great blogs rather than a dozen average ones. This blog is from the same couple who run a home renovating/styling company, Less is More, in Turku and now they've created a blog to complete their variety of creative channels. The blog, we ♥ homes, has great ideas and stunning pictures. Definitely worth a visit!!

Picture from

3. I ♥ Habitat
Have you heard the fabulous news?! Finland is getting a brand new interior shop next autumn when the British-French chain Habitat opens its first store in Helsinki. There's more shops to follow next year and I am sooooo excited! Habitat is an old acquaintance from my days in London and their style is modern, fresh and very stylish. Kind of like a mix between Ikea and Kodin1. They're looking for employees now and one of those positions is a visual position... Quite interesting... :) Maybe not but they'll definitely get a loyal shopper from me anyway. You can check their UK website for more pictures and information.

4. I ♥ DIY
I'm very excited about this DIY that I found... Actually, I already had it on my Pinterest board DIY And Craft Ideas but I didn't realise I needed it until I saw a set of these tables at my grandmother's house. Yay! I was so excited and immeadiately saw these in my living room, with my new sofa. And what better time to do DIY than summer. You can paint and make a mess outside and perhaps enjoy the sun while your at it. :) I still need to ask whether I can have the tables so fingers crossed. Then all I need is white paint (their real colour is gold!) and sanding paper. Ooooooh, imagine if you did the set in white, grey and black, one each. That might be quite cool and modern too. Too many ideas in my head right now. Ha hah! Let's see what I end up doing. You can find more pictures and the originial instructions here.

5. I ♥ events
And in the summer, Finland is full of great events! One of those events is coming up next weekend. Not now but next week, 10.-13.7., I mean. Fiskarsin Antiikkipäivät, The Antique Fair in Fiskars. In my opinion, the biggest and the best when it comes to antique fairs. The surroundings are beautiful and people really pay attention to how they display their products. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll make it this year as we'll be in Sweden and I'm absolutely gutted about that. You can read about my previous visit here and find the official information here. I strongly recommend this if you're at all interested in vintage, antiques and beautiful old finds.

That was number five so it's time for me to say: Have a fabulous weekend! Oh and enjoy the sun!!!

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