Friday, 18 July 2014

This week I love...

...the weather! It's been so sunny and warm all week and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. As the weather wasn't so great during my holiday I'm going to enjoy it now to the fullest. Hence, I am now on my way to the summer cottage for the weekend. Lovely!! I'm very much looking forward to enjoying the terrace we've been building as it's a great place for sunning yourself. :) Yay!

But enough about this chit chat about weather, I think it's high time that we tackle this week's top five and have a look at what I've found this week. Are you ready? I hope so...

1. I ♥ trolleys
Trolleys as sidetables is fast becoming a mini trend. At least in the blogosphere - the world of blogs and bloggers. I saw that Suvi from Valkoinen Harmaja blog had put her own stamp on an Ikea trolley and doesn't it look fabulous?! The original trolley looks like it was made for a terrace or patio (which I guess it actually is) but after changing the shelves it now looks ready for its new duties inside the house. You can see the change and more pictures here. I picked a before picture from Pinterest and the after picture is of course Suvi's. What do you think?

2. I ♥ plants in the bathroom
I really like the idea of plants bringing some life to a bathroom with their vibrant green colour and freshness. I found lots of pictures to support this, however, in all of those pictures the bathroom has a window. Which I don't obviously have! Could I still get this look? I have a strict no fake flowers policy so that's out of the question but I wonder if cactus would be the one plant that would survive in the bathroom... or do I just go for branches with green leaves that I change weekly? I guess this'll be a bit of a trial and error situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

3. I ♥ DIY
These little salt and pepper pots are just too cute!!! And rather easy to DIY, I thought. All you need is some suitable pots and a porcelain marker which are sold at pretty much all good craft stores. Then all you have to decide is what kind of letters or font you want to use. I quite like the font in these pictures. It looks handwritten and is relatively simple to copy. Need to get that marker soon...

4. I ♥ Bloomingville
I know we're not quite there yet but I already love this autumn. That time of year brings out all of the new pictures from different interior labels and I have to say this picture makes me look forward to it even more. Bloomingville is one of my favourite labels anyway but these gorgeous pots have only added to the affection. That beautiful pattern combined with the wooden lid is just so beautiful! Yes, I love the grey colour too. :) This is definitely a must have!!

Picture from Bloomingville
5. I ♥ statement necklaces
I have bought so many statement necklaces this summer! I just love how easily they can transform even a simple t-shirt to a fabulous outfit. I need that kind of magic in the morning when I need to get ready in a hurry! Ha hah! My favourite pairings include grey tee and a silver necklace or a collared shirt with any kind of necklace. Zara has some stunning necklaces but I've also seen surprisingly many statement necklaces with a capital s in H&M. It's a cheap and easy trend to buy into so why not give it a try. You can find these pictures and loads more on my Pinterest board My Jewellery Box.

That's it for this week! Enjoy the weekend and the sun!!! Talk to you soon, lovelies.

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