Friday, 24 October 2014

This week I love...

...babies!!! Of course. And especially our own unborn baby. I've already fallen in love with her and I haven't even met her yet. I guess this is what is meant with mother's endless love. The past weeks and months I've been scouring the Internet looking for information on various subjects, shopping for small baby things (no prams or anything yet) and inspiration for nursery decorating etc. So, it probably comes as no surprise that this week the theme of the week will be babies and all things related to these little munchkins.

Let's get started and see what kind of pastel coloured dreams I've found...

1. I ♥ this blanket
This blanket is bang on trend with the cross pattern and a cute version of the adult size version. There are quite a few different ones available from but I like the colours of this particular one. You can find it here. Buy it for your own baby or how about giving this as a gift?!

2. I ♥ DIY
I have been making dummy chains from wooden beads and have been both giving them away as presents as well as selling them off at flea markets or to friends who have wanted to give them as gifts. They are really easy to make - you need strong string, a clip, beads and preferably a silicone ring or something similar to hold the dummy. Additionally, you might want some ribbon to add to the clip end. I buy my beads, organza string and ribbon from Sinelli as they have a great colour selection. Other materials can be bought for example from here.

The first picture is one of my chains. At that stage I was still using a harder plastic ring but it breaks more easily so a silicone ring is better to hold the dummy. The other is from Pinterest. I love that wooden colour combined with the silver dummy. You can find a silver dummy from here and what a fabulous gift that would make!!! 

3. I ♥ nursery inspiration
We only have one bedroom so the baby will not have its own nursery. Instead we'll dedicate a corner to her in our bedroom where the crib, a dresser and a little closet will be. My Pinterest board Nursery is full of different kind of nurseries from huge rooms to small corners. Here is something that I will be using as inspiration when it comes to decorating the baby's corner. I'm sure there'll be loads more about this subject in the future but for now I think there three pictures tell the essential.

4. I ♥ bump style
I have actually had a board on Pinterest for a long time where I've been collecting pictures of pregnancy fashion. I mean a long time - years before I got pregnant. I just thought, one day it'll happen and I'll need it. And now I do. I selected some of my favourites and wanted to share them with you. So far, I've been dressing the bump mainly in loose, black clothes but as it starts to get more round I'm hoping to wear more fitted clothing to really show it off. For easy, comfortable pregnancy style take advantage of layers, knitwear and show off your personality with funky prints and cool accessories.

5. I ♥ this website
Having a baby isn't all about decorating a nursery or dressing the bump in pretty clothes. There's a lot of information that you should know to be able to care for your newborn in the best possible way. Or at least, that's what I've noticed. I haven't bought any books but the Internet has been a great place for when I need advice or information. I have found the Libero website to be really useful and have found lots of new information. If you sign up they'll also send you e-mails with weekly progress of your baby, articles on subjects you might be interested in and loads more. I definitely recommend it!

That's that for this week. Now, I'm off to sauna and tomorrow my mum and I will go for a little shopping spree for baby clothes. Yay!


  1. Tutun näköinen vauvannurkkaus ;) Kiva, että sait inspiraatiota siitä. :) Ihania suunnitelmia nuo kaikki muutkin ❤️

    1. Heh! Tuo teidän vauvanurkkaus on todellakin juuri sitä mitä minulla oli mielessä. Haluaisin juurikin tuollaisen hyllyn mihin voisi ripustaa ihania vaatteita ja vähän uutta ja vanhaa sekaisin. Tuon pinnasängyn olenkin nähnyt monessakin blogissa ja Pinterestissä. Minkä merkin se taas onkaan?


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