Friday, 2 January 2015

This week I love...

...a fresh start! Christmas has been and gone and we've started the new year. For me it'll obviously be known as baby year, the year when our little princess will arrive. That's a whole new chapter, a fresh start, for us. I cannot wait to see all the new things that this year will bring. As is tradition, I like to take a look into my crystal ball (also known as the Internet) and make some predictions as to what will be big, trendy or just popular in the new year. You can take a look at last year's list here. But what about this year then...

1. I will ♥ grey
Grey has been a big favourite in Finland for the past couple of years already but now it's set to become just as popular elsewhere. I think in Finland we'll see it being used on bigger surfaces, like walls. There are dozens of shades to choose from so everyone can find a colour to suit their own taste. Loving it!!

2. I will ♥ a mix of styles
Before a home would always have one general theme - modern, romantic, rustic... But now we're moving towards a more eclectic style which combines rustic, contemporary and traditional in the same space. I am super happy about this one as this is exactly what I prefer!!

3. I will ♥ tiles
Tiles are having a moment right now. They're moving out of the bathroom and into the other rooms of the house. In a space where the kitchen and the dining room meet would be perfect for tiling a wall. Moroccan tiles are also continuing their rise to fame so if you're planning a renovation now might be a good time to consider these gorgeous tiles. And how about trying some unusual shapes like hexagons? Be creative! Now is the time.

4. I will ♥ wood
Wood is warming up interiors in 2015. In materials, oak is getting more and more popular. It's starting to challenge the light wood that is so loved especially here in Scandinavia. Wood is really versatile and by choosing the right kind for you, it'll work in any kind of environment. For example, raw, unfinished wood looks great in a modern space. And the best part, even a small amount is enough to bring in the feeling.

5. I will ♥ all of these
I couldn't possibly do a little trend forecast without including fashion and beauty. They're just as important as interiors - at least to me. As there is so much on that field I just picked one thing from each category. These are my own opinions, no scientific background behind these! Ha hah! I predict that the big things will be as follows: for hair it'll be a curly bob, jewellery trendsetter's will be stacking their rings, beauty mavens should be sporting bright lips and fashionistas, now is the time to start mixing the prints.

That's it. I've made my predictions, let's see how the year will roll out. :) Hope that it'll be a fabulous year for you all!!! 

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