Friday, 23 January 2015

This week I love...

...plants, flowers and everything else green that has that small promise of spring attached to it. It's currently snowing outside so I need to think extra positive thoughts to keep my springy attitude. :) After Christmas, I pretty much move directly to spring, at least in my head and everything spring related feels very appealing. The shops are full of tulips, pastel colours and things like that. So lovely!!

And so I thought that today we'll look ahead to spring and concentrate on that on the list...

1. I ♥ calendars
Yikes! January is nearly over and I haven't chosen a calendar yet!! Last year (or was it the year before?) I printed out a gorgeous, free calendar from Pinterest and I think I'll do the same this year. Here are a couple of my favourites. I think the last one has the most beautiful font so I'm leaning towards that one. :) You can find them on my Scrap, Wrap and Go board. Which one is your favourite?

2. I ♥ succulents
The trendy plants of this spring seem to be all kinds of succulents. I love them so I'm really excited about this. They go so well with cactus and other green plants too. The best part, you can buy them cheaply from Ikea or Plantagen. And then combine however you want. Give them a try! Here's some inspiration...

3. I ♥ this house
This little cabin is stunning!!! I love the colours, the styling and just everything. Don't you?! My favourite space is the dining area. Just fabulous!! This one comes from the Netherlands. See, I'm expanding my horizons. Ha hah!! Pictures are from here

4. I ♥ DIY
Most DIY ideas are super simple and so is this one. It's kind of a reverse dip dye paint job. You leave the legs bare and paint the rest of the chair. So easy and it looks incredible. I saw this on Trendenser and fell in love with the colours. Of course! :) They're from Ikea and are stackable as well so save space. Cheap and cheerful! Something to do this weekend?

5. I ♥ trainers
I want pastel coloured trainers for spring. Preferably pink or peach or how about lilac. My new obsession! Ha hah! Obviously, I can't wear them yet so luckily I still have time to look for them. I'm collecting some inspiration on Pinterest and these look quite nice... Let's see what colour I end up with.

Now, time to start enjoying the weekend!!! Hope you have a great one!

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