Friday, 7 February 2014

This week I love...!! Pink has turned out to be the inspiration I have been searching for. I've changed some textiles today and added some pink in anticipation of Valentine's Day, next Friday. And it's cheered me right up! Also, as I've told you before, Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart as that was the day S and I got engaged. So, today I will share this pink power with you and dedicate this week's favourites to Valentine's Day and colour pink. I hope that you'll be as inspired as I am. Time to have a look...

1. I posters
This is the quickest way to make your home ready for Valentine's Day. A cute heart poster can be easily printed out and framed. It'll bring a touch of pink to your home and to your day. You could even give this as a present to your boyfriend, husband or perhaps someone you secretly like?!

Picture from here
2. I pink make-up
How to look great on Valentine's Day? Maybe your going out with that special someone or celebrating with your best friends. Whatever plans you have, bring a little pink into your make-up routine too. It'll make your face glow and highlight your best features. Pink nails or pink lips are the easiest way to do it. Here are some inspiration pictures from Pinterest. You get the idea...

3. I romance
Valentine's Day is all about romance and where better to look for it than in the tv and movies. I have become obsessed(!!!) with the new tv series, Reign (Valtiatar). It tells the story of Queen Mary of Scots but it is not your typical historical drama. At the centre of the series is a love triangle between Mary, Francis, the future King of France and his bastard brother, Sebastian. Who will win Mary's heart? I am rooting for Francis but it's not looking good...
Here in Finland you can watch Reign on Sundays. Or you can find it online and watch all the available episodes as I've done. :) So, if you want something to watch on Valentine's Day, I suggest you give this a try.

4. I ♥ cake
And what better to have on Valentine's Day than heart shaped cake?! I had this picture on my Pinterest board Come Dine With Me and it seemed perfect for the occasion. It looks just delicious and would be perfect to share with the ones you love. I'm having a little party on Friday so I might give this one a go...

Picture and recipe from here
5. I presents
I found these super cute presents from H&M Home! In Finland Valentine's Day is more about friends so these are really good to give to your friends and family. I love that heart box. And you can obviously fill the box with anything you want - sweets, jewellery or maybe tickets to the movies.

So, this was all this week. Next Friday I hope these tips will have helped you to have a fabulous Valentine's Day. I guess I have to write next week's list in advance as I want to enjoy the day and not spend it in front of the computer. :) Have a great weekend!!! 

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