Friday, 28 February 2014

This week I love... friends! I've just spent a fabulous evening with my old work mates and it is so much fun to see them and have some laughs with them. Well, a lot of laughs actually. And this time there was a new addition to our team, one of the girls had her one month old baby girl with her. So cute!! It gives me so much energy to see these girls and I smile for days afterwards. So, thank you girls. You are awesome!!

Now we should have a look at this week's favourites...

1. I this bathroom
There is this beautiful blog, called SMÄM, that I read. The blogger, Sara, is so talented. You should have a look at her drawings. They're just incredible!! But that's not her only talent. Her home is a credit to her as well. This week she showed these pictures of her guest bathroom. And I am in love. Wish I could be a guest in this house...

Picture from SMÄM blog

Picture from SMÄM blog

Picture from SMÄM blog

2. I Jessica Alba
Yes, we've talked about her before but this week she has been showing off her style at Paris Fashion Week and she certainly deserves her place on this list. First, she delighted us in a delicate white lace dress at H&M's fashion show and then later at Nina Ricci in this gorgeous outfit. I especially love how the shoes and lips match!!! That's exactly the kind of stuff that gets me excited!

3. I this house
This week's beauty has a soft colour palette, a stunning dining room and I love the String shelf in the kitchen. Oh, and did you notice the chairs in the bedroom with the famous Svensk Tenn Elephant fabric. So cute! Especially the living room has a really lovely spring feeling and I think I can see my new cushion on the sofa (peachy print cushion from Ikea). You can find all the pictures from Alvhem's new website, here.



4. I Anno
OMG! The Finnish brand, Anno, is going to have so many beautiful rugs in their spring collection that I think I might have to buy at least two new ones, even though I have no place to put them. The selection is just amazing!! Which one would you choose?

5. I Princess Leonore
We don't have royals here in Finland so we've always been fascinated by the royal family of Sweden. Everyone has been really excited about Sweden having a new little princess. She was born just a week ago and this week her name was already announced to the eager world. Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris' little angel is called Princess Leonore Lilian Maria. Yay! We share the same name as my second name is Maria too. How exciting! And isn't she gorgeous?!

I think this is a lovely way to finish the week and get ready for all the lovely stuff the weekend will bring. What are you up to?

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