Friday, 14 March 2014

This week I love...

...mornings! I have to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning to get to work for 7. This is normally quite a chore as I am definitely not a morning person but this week it has been made considerably easier by the lovely, light mornings. You can actually see the sun starting coming up and by the time I reach work it's already really light. Spring is coming!!! And it makes me so happy.

This week I've found lots of interesting stuff and it was almost a bit difficult to narrow it down to just five but here goes...

1. I ♥ whatever this is
Speaking of mornings... this looks like one amazing breakfast. First of all, it LOOKS delicious and I bet it tastes just as good. I'm trying to eat more healthy these days and this would be just a super breakfast, don't you think?! I can spy at least blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, yoghurt, muesli/granola, banana and maybe peach? The ingredients could be varied according to what you happen to find in your fridge or according to what you like. I think this looks yummy!! Can't wait to try it.

Picture from Pinterest
2. I DIY
I am so excited!!! I found this absolutely amazing idea from Honestly WTF blog and I simply cannot wait to try it. I am soooo in love with those pearl rings. Just need to buy the materials and then I'm going to do it. The rings I know I can get from H&M and I hope to buy some pearls maybe as soon as this weekend, if I'm lucky. You can find detailed instructions on how to make these on here or if you want to try something else why not browse through these great ideas too.  

Picture from Honestly WTF blog
3. I this house
It's oh so romantic and though that's not really my style anymore I couldn't help but fall in love with this house. I think it was the kitchen that really did it for me but this cute little flat has lots more going for it. The tile wall... The gorgeous Cole & Son wallpaper in the sleeping nook (I wonder if it comes in a different colour too?)... The little office... Just everything. I wish I could move here tomorrow! All the details can be found on Alvhem Mäkleri website

4. I catkin
Easter is coming, guys! And now is the perfect time to get ready and pick your catkins. You can pick them now when they still look good and just keep them in a vase without water and they're last all the way 'til Easter. I'm giving this advice already as it looks like spring is moving on at quite a pace and you might not be able to find them anymore as we finally get to Easter time. I found this picture on Pinterest and just love the way they look in here. So soft and fresh.

Picture from Pinterest
5. I craft fairs
And this weekend's ones are the best! If you like to make things with your own little hands the best place to get ideas, buy materials and learn new techniques is Helmiplaneetta & Leimailutaivas fair. It'll be only on Saturday from 11-17.30 in Masala. You can find more information here. Hope to see you there. :)

If not, enjoy your weekend doing something YOU love!!!

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