Friday, 21 March 2014

This week I love...

...birds! Yes, birds. Spring is coming and the birds are a sure sign of it. I saw two swans this morning on my way to work and it put a smile on my face for the whole day. Yesterday there was a horrible snow blizzard but at the end of today there's nothing left of it. Yay!! I'm leaving for Lithuania on Monday and will be gone for three weeks. I am expecting big things to have happened during that time. Spring, I want you to come NOW!

Maybe there's some springy things in the favourites today...

1. I ♥ colour blocking
These walls are just to die for! I love the pastel colours and the geometric pattern. I just love everything about it. I soooo want to do this somewhere in the house. Maybe in the hallway that I can't seem to do anything about. But what colours to choose?

Picture from Pinterest
2. I ♥ this House Doctor clock
I saw this clock before Christmas when I was doing some shopping but now I came across it again, this time on Pinterest. It's from House Doctor and I think it's just gorgeous. It would fit into many different kind of homes and to a variety of rooms but I think it would look particularly good in a black and white living room. The kind that I have. Ha hah!! You can see the pictures I took of it here.

3. I ♥ this home
And it's Finnish!!! I found this beauty from It's a Finnish company renovating and styling homes and they do amazing work!! This beauty was snapped up even before any viewings took place. And no wonder! I love the colour scheme - especially the pink and black together. My new favourite, I think. This one's very modern, maybe a little bit too modern for my liking but I can still appreciate the fine details and beautiful textiles. And that kids room is really cute too! Which room is your favourite?

All photos Tuomas Mäkelä Photography.

4. I ♥ ear cuffs
Have you heard of them? They are already a big thing elsewhere but of course things come to Finland a little bit later so we're only now catching onto the trend. I haven't bought a pair yet but I think I soon will as I really like the look. A mix of elegance and attitude. And I love a bit of bling so what's not to like?! Anyone else a fan?

Picture from Pinterest
5. I ♥ fab events
And what an amazing event this is!!! A group of Finnish interior bloggers are setting up a flea market and can that kind of group sell anything but fabulous things?! I don't think so!! For more info, you can check Kotilo's blog here. Unfortunately, I'll be out of the country so will have to miss it. I only hope that this will happen again. And soon!!

Hey, that's all. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the approaching spring!! 

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