Friday, 5 September 2014

This week I love... home! Autumn is bringing a new, fresh feel to my home. And I haven't even picked up my new cushion covers that I ordered from H&M Home. There's just something about this time of year that always makes me appreciate my home more and more. A quick poll in my circle of friends revealed that a lot of them were feeling the same. After spending the summer outside, it's time to move back indoors and start decorating and enjoying it again. Are you feeling the same?!

With that in mind, shall we move onto this week's favourites...

1. I ♥ lanterns
As nights get darker, candles are making a comeback. I am really loving these big lanterns at the moment. I especially love the first picture where it's placed next to the fur. So cosy and beautiful! I actually have quite a few but I guess I just need to remember to use them!!

2. I ♥ Ikea rocking chair
I went to Ikea this week and absolutely fell in love with this rocking chair!! It's covered with the same fabric as our new sofa and I think it would look fabulous in the living room. You can obviously choose a different fabric and also the wood frame in three different finishes. I love this oak finish although I think our sofa has the birch finish. I guess that doesn't matter so much, does it?!

3. I ♥ this house
What a beauty I found this week from Stadshem. The words clean, simple and modern describe this one quite well. The living room is dominated by that incredible sofa and stunning, big footstool. Also, those kitchen cupboards are seriously cool, don't you think?! I think I'll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story...

4. I ♥ DIY
I showed you one Christmas how to do this with sugar but of course you could also use glitter. And how stunning is this sparkly version? I think I prefer this one. Especially with silver glitter. Absolutely beautiful!! So, you need just ordinary glue (for example Erikeeper works great) that you mix with water to get a thin mixture. Cover the jar with the mixture and then roll in glitter. Shake off excess glitter, let it dry and it's ready! So simple and I definitely think the picture speaks for itself. The picture is from Pinterest.

5. I ♥ Bloggers' interior flea market
I missed this event last spring as I was in Lithuania but this time I won't do the same mistake. Flea market organised by interior bloggers where they sell their old, unused or unwanted items as well as things that they've made themselves can only be amazing!!! I can hardly wait...

Well, that went fast. Time for the weekend, people! I'll be at home this weekend and tomorrow will head to the craft fair I told you about last week. Can't wait to see what I find there...

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