Friday, 19 September 2014

This week I love...

...the simple things in life. Working in a place I love, coming home to a beautiful home and a loving boyfriend, having my family and friends near. The things you take for granted but sometimes stop to appreciate. I'm just really happy at the moment and I hope that the people around me know how important they are to me. Keep it simple! That's this week's mantra.

Now, let's have a look at the simple finds of the week...

1. I ♥ this living room
There's something about this living room that made me absolutely fall in love with it. Is it the colour palette? Probably. Is it that gorgeous bookshelf? Most likely. Or maybe it's just how it all works so beautifully together. Love, love, love...

2. I ♥ candles
I saw this picture on Pinterest and it's probably from a wedding or some other party but I would really like to try this on a smaller scale in my own home. I just want one of those thinner pieces to put candles on and as it happens, our summer cottage is the perfect place for me to get some so hopefully this dream will soon come true.

3. I ♥ this house
Just wow! I would love to move. Like now! What's so awesome about it? Well, did you see that lamp in the kitchen? I also love the Louis Ghost chairs. The living room looks so inviting and I love all the soft textures and textiles. And what woman wouldn't like that kind of a closet they have in the bedroom? I know I would. You can find all the pictures here.

4. I ♥ DIY
I love using old books for crafts and these cute little gift bags are exactly what I could make next. They've been decorated with stamps, tapes, ribbons - you can use anything you have at home. You can pack in birthday presents but I think they'd also work a treat at Christmas. Maybe you could make some cookies and put them in. A real do-it-yourself present! You can find more info here

5. I ♥ pearl ring
I wonder how many hints I would have to drop to get this?! I'm guessing quite a few. Ha hah! This ring is the ultimate in simplicity. Three pearls in a simple gold band. Soooo beautiful!! I could even have this as my wedding ring... Not sure if they ship to Finland but you can find all the information and the price here.

With this beautiful piece of jewellery I would like to wish you a wonderful weekend! Enjoy it! 

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