Friday, 26 September 2014

This week I love...

...the cold weather! I really do. It's September, well, almost October and autumn is most definitely here. The only thing I need now is a new scarf. Yes, I may have a couple dozens already but I do need one! After all, it's autumn. Ha hah!!

Enough about autumn and cold weather, let's see what's on the list this week...

1. I ♥ baskets
They're so versatile and you can put a variety of things in them. This, rather small, golden coloured beauty is just so gorgeous and would add a bit of glamour to even things like toilet paper. Ha hah! So, how about stuffing it with toilet rolls? Or maybe you could put some pine cones in there and have it on display for Christmas time? It could fit a million other things as well. What would you fill it with?


2. I ♥ trees
Or is it roots that I love? I guess it's a bit of both. I guess, above all, for me it's about bringing the outside and the nature in. You all remember my love of small Christmas trees in vases with visible roots. This is very much the same thing. You just get to do it now. Love it! Going to the forest tomorrow to get one...

Picture from here

Picture SMÄM

3. I ♥ this house
A great mix of old and new and that dining room is to die for! A small thing that caught my eye was the snowberries on the dining room table. They're so beautiful and decorative! This is quite a normal house and not too styled which I guess was what drew my to it. It looks like someone lives there not that it's a showhome. Oh, and did you notice that elephant backsplash in the kitchen? So cute! This beauty can be found at Alvhem.

4. I ♥ autumn make-up
I am a huge fan of make-up! You might not think that as my own make-up routine is very simple but I very much admire and would love to know how to do the kind of perfect looks as seen in the picture below. Autumn isn't only a great time for fashion but it also brings back the beautiful berry shades that have been forgotten over summer. I can't wait to paint my nails with a gorgeous dark shade and I would like to try the berry lips too. Maybe this autumn is the time for that...

5. I ♥ chunky knits
This week has been freezing! And this kind of big, chunky blanket would be lovely to have at home. Maybe with a cup of hot chocolate. :) You can find these in almost all the shops - Kodin1, H&M Home... Just have a look around. Or maybe you're able to make it yourself? I definitely can't so I might have to put in an order with my mum. Ha hah!!

That's it. Time to enjoy the weekend! Hope you'll have a fabulous one!

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