Friday, 27 December 2013

This week I love...

...the ending of this year. No, it hasn't been that bad but I think it's always exciting as a new year is about to begin so this week I'm happy about the old one being almost over. A new year always brings new exciting things to your life. You make promises, you break promises but don't worry, it happens to everyone. Ha hah! Make sure you promise something you know you can keep. I haven't fully figured out my new year's resolutions yet so we'll talk about them later. Today I thought I'd start this journey into the new year by looking at some of the upcoming trends - in interiors, fashion and beauty. I chose all the pictures from Pinterest and Google, whatever fitted the subject best. :)

This is a list I've made based on what I've read, seen and heard and you should always consider if a particular trend is actually something you want to go for. Because, after all, trends are based on something that just happens to be in at one particular moment. So, no need to completely redecorate or suddenly cut your long hair short. Pick the trends you like and the ones that fit you and your lifestyle. That's the best way to be "trendy". Shall we now have a look at what 2014 has in store for us?!

1. I will ♥ bright colours
I know, I only decorate with black and white! Sometimes when I get really playful I might throw in a yellow cushion but that's about as far as I get. Well, this year it seems I need to learn to embrace colour. Pantone's colour of the year is Radiant Orchid, a vivid purple. Shades of blue - cobalt and deep turquoise are also very popular, especially in big surfaces, walls and furniture. So, no decorative cushions here. Go all out or don't go at all!

2. I will ♥ messy hair
This one will no doubt be my favourite. Just wake up and go. No straightening, blow-drying etc.Well, not quite... Even though hair is meant to look messy it does require effort. It's almost that you do your hair properly and then mess it up. This works especially well when your hair is braided or up in a bun. You want to achieve texture and look like you've slept in. Easy... or is it?!

3. I will ♥ honey coloured wood
This has already started to show, especially in the blog world. Scandinavian decor often has light coloured wood in it anyway so for us this is not that new. Oak and walnut will be popular in the coming year and the current colour scheme favourite, black and white, benefits from light wood as it gives it warmth and softness. I will definitely give this one a go...

4. I will ♥ boxy jackets
I debated quite a while whether I'd choose the boxy jacket or glam sportswear as next year's biggest trend. I thought the sportswear was more obvious so I chose to highlight this little beauty. Fashion has a new darling and it's no longer the moto jacket. No no, that's been replaced with the smart yet casual, short boxy jacket. Perfect to throw over a dress or pair with jeans, it's incredibly versatile and will flatter most figures. Buy one now from the sale and wear it all next year!

5. I will ♥ mixing metals
YAY! I don't have to choose between my beloved silver and the new trendy copper anymore. I can mix and match them and be sooo on trend while I do it. Ha hah! You don't have to stick to one metal anymore, these days it's much cooler to mix them together. Imagine a collage of frames for example, in different metallic finishes - copper, silver, gold, matte, shiny, textured. The sky's the limit so go and experiment. I'll be showing you the efforts of my tests here. Let's see what we can make with this...

Have a fab weekend!!! And enjoy the last days of 2013. It's almost over...

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