Friday, 13 December 2013

This week I love... new work. Well, it's really an additional role, alongside my usual one but still, I am loving it!!! Oh, what is it? A back-up at our showroom. I've been in training all this week and have had so much fun. Meeting bloggers and journalists, booking clothes in and out and learning about events and more. I cannot wait to get more hours there.

Now, shall we move onto this week's list... I think so.

1. I ♥ OPI
OPI always gives its polishes funny names or what do you think about Kinky In Helsinki, Will You Mari-achi Me and Glitter-ally the Best Silver Ever? The play on words is funny and unique. This gorgeous purple shade is from their Miss Universe collection and is called I'm Feeling Sashy. The picture is from Vampy Varnish.

2. I ♥ this flat
A variety of greys make this tiny flat just fabulous. I guess that gorgeous kitchen helps a little too, don't you think?! The bed(room) is not shown in the pictures and there's quite a lot of "empty" space in the hallway but the real star is the kitchen/lounge anyway. And this beauty is actually not Swedish but Finnish. Yay! Good job, Finns! You can find all the pictures from here.


3. I mini trees
How cute are these tiny trees?! I'd love to get a bunch of these and plant a little forest in a big pot. It would look great on a balcony or in my case outside by the door. The picture is from Gardenista.

4. I ♥ this kitchen
I saw a picture of this kitchen on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it. After a couple of clicks I ended up at the blog of Valerie Aflalo, whose incredible kitchen this actually is. OMG! Where do I start... Those tiles are toooo beautiful! And how about the golden tap, the light, the marble... I just love it all!! And look at the glamorous owner in the last picture. No wonder the kitchen looks this great. You can find the pictures and her beautiful blog here.

5. I ♥ Christmas markets
There are lots of different markets before Christmas. This weekend my favourite market, Old Time Christmas Fair, will be held in Lohja. Full of hand-made things - perfect presents, beautiful things for home and much more. Definitely worth a visit. You can find more info here. See you there?

This was all for this week. Enjoy your weekend!! I know I will. 

From last year's market

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