Friday, 16 May 2014

This week I love...

...the summer! It's coming!!! Next week we'll (apparently) reach +30°C. And I did see a swallow last weekend and according to an old Finnish poem/rhyme it means that it's now summer. I agree!!! I'll be spending the summer firmly on Finnish soil. I don't understand why anyone would want to leave Finland and go abroad in the summer. It's the best time! And so beautiful! I can't wait to relax at the summer cottage, rummage through outside flea markets, dip my toes in the sea and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I wish my holiday would come sooner... Ha hah! 

Shall we have a look at what summery finds I have on the list this week?! Here goes... 

1. I ♥ shells
I don't live in a beach house but every summer I find myself decorating with shells. I just love them! They are so beautiful. I especially love the different colour sea urchins. Last summer I got my first ones (from my aunt's workplace, where else?) and I will be getting them out again this year. Here are some pictures of how I've used shells in different displays. Any other fans?

Concrete plate I made myself with some sea stars, shells and stones
The sea urchins were in a big glass vase
The beautiful sea urchin shells on a bed of white sand

Some shells I collected from the beach in Hanko
2. I ♥ these pots
I wanted to eat these planting pots when I saw them the colours so look delicious! These are brand new and were unpacked off the delivery last week in Kikan Kukka ja Lahja in Salo. I am seriously in love with those purple ones! Really!!!

Picture from Kikan Kukka ja Lahja Facebook page

3. I ♥ this house
Wow! This flat has such a fabulous 50's vibe. The furniture is so beautiful! There's something about this era that I really like. The simple and quite small furniture, the wood... And it's so cool at the moment. I also love that big table in the home office. A couple that works together, stays together. :) There's also so many fab displays - in the living room, in the kitchen... Somebody has been busy. Enjoy! The rest of the pics can be found from Stadshem.

4. I ♥ DIY
These DIY chalkboard labels are just so cute! And could be used for so many purposes from adorning presents to labelling your spices. They also seem easy enough to do. All you need is some black paper/cardboard, white chalk and a white pen. A decorative puncher is great if you want to cut your labels to a specific shape and want them all to be the exact same. Otherwise, scissors will do. The picture below will tell you how to proceed. Thank you Pinterest and Damask Love for this great idea. 

5. I ♥ denim
Denim is perfect for summer! But forget heavy jeans and take a tip from these ladies who have all embraced denim in a fashionable and summery way. Easiest thing is to cut your jeans to shorts or make a vest of your old jacket. Both options are very on trend and can be customized to your taste. The shorts don't have to be super short and the vest can have studs or some bling on it if you so decide. I definitely want to get a vest and I'll be teaming it with some floaty summer dresses. How will you wear yours?! The pictures are all from my Fashion - Spring/Summer Pinterest board. Have a look for more inspiration!

That's it for this week. Have a fabulous weekend. Let's hope we get to enjoy some serious sunshine!

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