Friday, 1 August 2014

This week I love...

...the fact that it went by in a whizz! Ha hah! I feel like we're only halfway through the week but actually it's Friday! How pleasantly surprising. I am going to embrace this early weekend anyway and enjoy the sun. I also have a party to attend on Sunday and I finally get to wear my new dress for the first time. Yay! That's always exciting. If only I could decide what to do with my hair. And what colour to paint my nails. I guess these are definitely those first world problems.

Shall we have a look at this week's finds? Here they are...

1. I ♥ this globe
I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! How utterly gorgeous is this globe?! I love the pink and black colour but above all I love the font that the country and sea names have been written. Absolutely stunning! Would love to have this on display somewhere in the house. They've been auctioned off so can't be bought. Booo!!! You can check the story here. And no mum, I can't do this myself!!! I can't write like that!!!

2. I ♥ gold details
And this might just be the most gorgeous one I've seen in a while. I love the tap but I also love those plus or cross shaped handles. So trendy right now yet it looks like it would last a lifetime. Couldn't find out any info about it though as the picture on Pinterest led me nowhere. Sorry!

3. I ♥ this summerhouse
Beautiful Danish style summer house... in Finland! The pictures are taken by the talented Krista Keltanen and they show the best parts and the most beautiful installations as well as bigger angles. The simple black and white colour scheme is complemented by natural wood and leafy greens. I am in love! Pictures are from BoligLiv although I'm sure I saw them recently in a Finnish interior magazine too... Enjoy!

4. I ♥ chopping boards
I have a new obsession! I know, I probably have a new one every week. But this one has actually lasted for a while now so I guess it's not that new but I'm only sharing it with you now so it'll be new for you. Chopping boards - those everyday essentials that you don't think much of can be so amazing. Like the pictures below prove, right?! You can find more on my Kitchen board on Pinterest.

5. I ♥ these bottles
I think they're called Seltzer bottles and originate from France. They're beautiful and would be very decorative, like in the middle picture. I remember seeing some on antique fairs but they've always been too expensive for me to buy. Still on the lookout... I'm sure I'll find a more affordable version one day.

That's that. Time to start the weekend! 

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