Friday, 22 August 2014

This week I love...

...being in love! I am going all mushy this week as this week S and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by and we've already been in each other lives for that long. Our time has been full of loving, laughter and of course lots of ups and downs. But I couldn't be more in love with him today and I am happy for each day that we have had together. So, thank you, my love, for all these years. Hope there's many more in our future.

So, in honour of this love fest I've dedicated this week to love. So, everything on the list has a bit of a love theme. Shall we have a look?!

1. I ♥ words
How better to declare your love than with a cute print. Print out, frame and give as a gift or hang it up next to your bed where you can see it every day. Here are a few options...

2. I ♥ bedroom
Bedroom's are where love lives, right? Add a hint of pink to your bedroom for some romance. I love the feeling of this bedroom. In here the pink is more cool than cute. And yes, I do love that light fixture too.

3. I ♥ roses
There's a saying "say it with flowers". I couldn't agree with this more. The easiest way to show how much someone means to you is to buy them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Or even just one rose! Roses are traditionally thought of as the most romantic flowers and I think these pictures prove that!

4. I ♥ this home
What a lovely home!! For some interior inspiration this week I've chosen this beauty from Alvhem's vast selection. The living room is super cool, the kitchen very trendy and the bedroom... well, the bedroom wasn't all that exciting but I love that big S on the window sill. Ha hah! Of course! Plenty of little ideas to steal though. This one is all about love for your home. You can find the rest of the pictures and info here.

5. I ♥ everyday romance
More important than grand gestures, flowers and gifts are the everyday things that you do for each other. Saying I love you is the easiest and most important one but how about showing your love at the dinner table with these cute heart potatoes. Just use a cookie cutter to cut the shapes and then roast. I'm sure these would be a hit! Must try.

That's all the loving for this week. Now, it's time to enjoy the weekend and spend time with your loved ones!!!

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