Friday, 8 August 2014

This week I love... job! This week I've been working at the shop where we've been preparing for season start at the kids' department. Today we got great feedback from the head office and that always feels good. In addition to that I've been working at the showroom this week and that's so much fun because it's so different. Whereas in the shops you still have summery clothes, the showroom is all ready for autumn. I love seeing the new colours, textures and shapes. Oh, it makes me look forward to autumn so much. Ha hah!

Let's have a look at what else I've been "working on" this week...

1. I ♥ glasses
Yet another obsession of mine... crystal whisky glasses. Used as just normal drinking glasses in everyday life. A little luxury during mealtimes. I haven't found them yet, as I'm looking for a bit of a bargain but these beautiful ones from interior shop, Nougat, might just be perfect. Anyone else a fan?

Picture from Nougat's Facebook

Picture from Nougat's Facebook
2. I ♥ entry tables
I wish my hallway/entrance to the house was a little bit bigger so I could have one of these beautiful entry tables. What a perfect place to have fresh flowers, beautiful displays or would it always be full of gloves, keys, phones etc.? Ha hah! I would hope not. These three tables are stunning but I think a dresser would also handy because of all the drawers. I guess this is one of those things on my wish list for a future home. An entrance big enough for a table. All pictures are from my Pinterest board Entrance.

3. I ♥ The Block
I have a new guilty pleasure - a TV show called The Block. It's an Australian show about couples who are renovating a house each on the same block. They are showing the 2012 version here in Finland now and my favourite couple is Dale and Sophie. Their taste in interiors is a mix of vintage and modern and it's very close to my own taste too. Here are some of the rooms they've done.

4. I ♥ hats
As autumn time approaches I start to dream about hats. I love hats and scarves and they are one of the reasons why I almost look forward to the weather getting a bit colder. Ha hah! I bought a cap last spring and a fedora just this week. So, all I still need is a beanie with a (faux) fur pom pom.

5. I ♥ events
And this event is even more special as I am involved myself. It's a flea market that was organised at the beginning of summer and now it's coming again. Held at the estate of a cute interior shop, Cafe Latte Spirit, this event combines interiors, fashion and cheap finds. What could be better?! I hope to see you all there next Thursday...


  1. Felt the same way about my job! ❤️ Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!
    xx J

    1. Aaaawwww!!! Such amazing jobs we have. And each other! <3


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