Friday, 27 February 2015

This week I love...

...sleeping late! I've definitely taken this maternity leave and the whole "sleep while you can" thing seriously. I sleep until noon almost every day and it's just the best! I hope the baby is taking notes in the belly. Ha hah!! I'm also getting really excited as my friend already had her baby so that really brought home the fact that our little bundle of joy could be born any day now too. Tomorrow, my due date, is a week away so in any case, the wait isn't too long.

In addition to baby things, there's been a lot of interesting interior stuff I've seen this week. Time to have a look...

1. I ♥ botanical inspiration
Plants, floral prints and everything related is very hip right now. This is a super easy trend to bring home and you can do it in a small way with plants or go bold and wallpaper a wall with a floral wallpaper. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Here are some ideas...

DIY flower vases and a Bloomingville cushion

La Botanique print and Bouquet wallpaper by Photowall (design Olaf Hajek)

Vallila Muuan cushion and a simple green plant
2. I ♥ brussel sprouts
This is one of those foods that you either hate or love. I'm in the latter group and could eat these every day. Especially now that I found this amazing recipe to pimp them up a bit. Normally, I just boil them and eat them. But roasting them in the oven and dipping into aioli sounds simply delicious. And easy too! Now get cooking and if you're in need of a recipe, click here.

3. I ♥ this house
My beloved black and white - they are a winning combo in this house! I love the relaxed vibe of this small flat. Everything is there for a reason and it looks great. That wall in the kitchen is especially cool, don't you think?! You can find more pictures here, at 55 Kvadrat. Enjoy!

4. I ♥ Bloomingville Mini
I did not know that Bloomingville did a Mini collection but they do and it's super cute! Textiles, cups, plates, lots of lovely stuff. I need to get my hands onto these! I haven't seen them anywhere, except for these pictures I saw on Pinterest but I'll let you know when I do. Unless you've already spotted them somewhere??

5. I ♥ tribal jewellery
Well, I love pretty much all jewellery but my new fascination is with tribal style, silver jewellery. It looks its best at summer so I still have some months to get some... Yes, yes, I already have some but I really need a cool necklace and maybe some more bangles to stack. It looks great with boho style dresses but try and mix it with more smarter pieces as well. Use your imagination!

And that's it for this week. Let's see what the weekend will bring... maybe a baby?! :)


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