Friday, 18 January 2013

This week I love...

... everyone else's homes except mine. I have a serious case of home envy! My own home has (hopefully temporarily) stopped inspiring me and instead I'm checking out other people's homes turning greener by the click of my mouse. But I'm hoping that this weekend is going to change all that. I'm going to devote my time to my home and maybe bring out some new textiles I ordered from H&M Home. That ought to cheer me up.

So, this week I've gathered things that really inspire me and give me ideas. Let's hope it works for you too...
I've gone back to this I ... style. Hope you like it. I think it's here to stay. Time to have a look at this week's favourites.

1. I ♥ these tiles

How stunning are these mirrored tiles! I'm normally a fan of the more rustic look but these shiny, pretty tiles have completely charmed me. One day...

Picture from Pinterest

2. I ♥ chalk pencil

I bought the chalk ink marker and just can't get it off the chalkboard! So, I'm very curious to try this instead. It's much more dainty and probably more fragile than the marker and I wonder how much you have to press to get it to show on the board. Well, I'd love to try it anyway. As soon I can find one...

Picture from Pinterest

3. I ♥ inspiring interiors

I'm very much in need of some interior inspiration and these pictures are giving me lots of ideas. The bedroom belongs to Stylizimo blog's Nina so no wonder it's so gorgeous. I love the wooden sofa table as well as the mix and match chairs in the dining space. This is what I want in my home. NOW!!

Pictures from Pinterest

Pictures from Pinterest

Pictures from Pinterest

4. I ♥ making jewellery

I need to clarify the title, I've not made these but I am planning to. I love the use of the old spoon and the pearl is bringing it bang up to date. Vintage looking yet very fashion forward. Love!!

Picture from Pinterest

5. I ♥ this Bugs wallpaper

And it's from Ellos! I've never bought anything for my home from there and it seems I've missed a huge opportunity. This wallpaper looks like an old school teaching board and it's so cool. But this was not the only cool one. Oh no. They also had a black and white stripe wallpaper which I also saw on the wall of an apartment sold on Stadshem. And lots of others. Definitely worth a quick browse.

That's it for this week! I wonder when I'll finally be able to bring some colour onto these posts. Ha hah! It's been very black and white today... just like on days and weeks prior to this. I guess as spring gets closer we'll see some colour in here too. H&M Home is really pushing yellow and I'm starting to warm up to it. Click here for the new arrivals - pretty much all in yellow.

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