Friday, 25 January 2013

This week I love...

This week has just flown by. I cannot believe it's Friday again. It feels like only yesterday I was listing last week's favourites. Before you know it, we'll be in spring. Only a few more days and January is over. February will bring Valentine's Day (our engagement anniversary), longer days, more sunshine but apparently bitter coldness as well. If you believe the latest weather forecasts for this spring...

Nevertheless, spring is on its way and it's starting to show in our homes and moods. Every sunny day gives us more energy and the nature looks so beautiful in the sunlight, don't you agree? Not to mention the homes. Sunlight makes everything looks fresh and new. Oh, apart from the dirty windows. Ha hah!

Time now to move onto this week's list...

1. I ♥ tulips
I found these stunning tulip arrangements on Pinterest. Yes, spring has come there too. Tulips are in shops now and they are the easiest way to bring some spring into your home. They give you permission to be a bit playful so choose colourful ones instead of the usual white. In my opinion, tulips always look better when there's a lot of them so take advantage of the offers and buy three bunches instead of the one. And remember, tulips only need a little bit of water!

The first bunch has all different colours as well as different varieties of tulips. Safe to say these are not the ones you can buy three bunches for a tenner. For these, head to the florist. This would be my choice of bouquet! 

I did include a white bouquet as well for all you colour-phobes. This one is beautiful. It's a mix of tulips, ranunculus and hyacinth. With some delicate small flower branches in there as well. I apologise for not knowing their name. Any help? It's the perfect spring bunch. 

This is the easiest one to create. March to the supermarket, buy lots of tulips and chuck them in a vase. Add some branches - these flower ones or how about birch. Come Easter, you can use catkin.

2. I ♥ new organising ideas
I'm still in the process of organising the house and the area around my desk. I came across this cool idea on how to display inspirational pictures, pages you tore off from magazines, even bills if you want. Buy standard clipboards, cover them with fabric or paper, hammer them onto the wall and start clipping.

3. I ♥ necklace worn over a shirt
I'm a big fan of collared shirts and an even bigger fan of wearing them with necklaces on top. It just makes them so much more cooler and really allows you to show your personality and style. It's office appropriate because of the shirt but with the choice of necklace you can vary the look from prim and proper pearly queen to cool and edgy hipster chick.

4. I ♥ this apartment
Some weeks there are hardly any interesting apartments on the Swedish estate agents' websites but this week there were several. Some of you may have already seen this beauty but I had to share it as it reminds me of my own home in that it cleverly mixes modern and vintage, romantic and industrial. But it's about a million times cooler than mine. Amazing wallpapers, beautiful floors, gorgeous textiles (a lot of it from H&M Home) and lots of fab details. So, for me this is something to aspire to. All pictures from Stadshem. Click here to see more amazing apartments over at Alvhem Mäkleri.



5. I ♥ prints and posters
I'm a big fan of inspirational prints. Yes, I also like funny ones, pretty ones and beautiful ones but the inspirational and motivational ones are the best. I'll leave you with this thought. I think it's an appropriate Friday thought. Especially with the promise of cookies. That can only mean the weekend... Hope you have a great one!!!

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