Friday, 11 January 2013

This week I love...

... my clean, organised home. After Christmas and at the beginning of a new year people often try to de-clutter their homes and I've done the same. This week I've been cleaning closets and cupboards, putting away things I don't need and just generally trying to make the house a little less cluttered. And it seems that a lot of other people are doing the exact same thing. So, for that reason, I'm dedicating this week's favourites to organisation, cleaning and de-cluttering. How does that sound?! I know, you wish I could actually come to your house and do all of that cleaning for you but instead I'm just giving some tips and advice. Well, as I can't come over to all of your houses I hope that these tips will help you and hopefully motivate you too.

Let's start...

1. Are you sitting down in front of a desk? If yes, I'm guessing you have a little office space around you. I've collected some ideas from Pinterest to help you organise your desk and make you work efficiently while sitting there. Nina Holst from Stylizimo blog organised her office this week and the first picture is from there. I absolutely love her storage boxes. They're both useful and beautiful!!

This is one of the most stunning moodboards I've seen. It's big, co-ordinated and it definitely inspires me. Collect pictures, ornaments, anything that you find inspiring and motivating and group them together. If you can't put up a board on the wall, how about propping it up against the wall. The board can be anything from a traditional cork board to a DIY masterpiece you've made yourself. The most important thing is to put up things that inspire you and make you happy!

This tip is also from Nina. She's very creative! Hammer in a few nails on the wall and you're ready to hang hangers of them.Then all you do is put the magazines on them. Cool way to display your favourite magazines!

I love clips like this! These ones have been attached to the wall but you could just as well put up a string and attach them onto that. I've done that in my little office space and it works really well. You can see it in the picture below. The pearls keep the clips in place so they won't all pile up to the middle of the ribbon.

2. Then the quickest, most easiest DIY tip you can imagine. All you need is empty cans (any size will do) and then you will need a can of spray paint. Take off the lid and make sure the edges are not razor sharp anymore. Then just spray it and let dry and this is what you'll end up with. You can use them for pens, paperclips, brushes, whatever you have lying around on your desk. Different size cans will look nice together and all sizes are good as they can be used for different things. I have two cans waiting for me to try this. Now all I need to do is buy some paint...

3. I think it's time we talk about storage. Where do you put all that stuff that you have accumulated over the years?! Well, depending on what you're storing there's lots of different options. A chest of drawers is always a good option. They look beautiful and hide a lot of stuff. Check out this Ikea Hemnes chest which has had the knobs/handles changed from the originals. Looks so different and very chic. I actually have one of those so I'm considering changing the knobs now. :)

Picture from Pinterest
How about these options in the pictures below?! 
BASKETS - I'm a massive fan of baskets and store everything from textiles to magazines and everything in between in them. Try Ikea or Anno for some fab baskets.
SUITCASE - A very trendy way to store your things is in an old suitcase. You can put anything in there and it's good for stuff you don't really want to be seen.
CABINET - On the other hand, if you want to be able to admire your things, how about a gorgeous cabinet with glass doors? They can hold dishes or linens or pretty much anything you want. My biggest tip is not to cram them too full!
LEATHER BASKET - And how much do I love that leather basket for fire wood. So stylish!!

All pictures from Pinterest
4. I had to tidy my wardrobe earlier this week. It was so messy I couldn't see any of the clothes I had. Which led to me standing in front of the closet in the mornings wondering what to wear. There's a solution for this but it requires a bit of extra space which I don't have. Do you? If you do, how about putting up a clothes rack where you could hang up next day's clothes. You could make outfits, add accessories and plan ahead. Here are some pictures (from Pinterest) to give you an idea on what you could do. My favourite - the branch, of course.

5. I've saved the best advice for last... Follow this and it should make you happy.
Have a great weekend!! If you do decide to embark on a cleaning and/or de-cluttering mission, make sure to arm yourself with plenty of time, good music and a positive attitude. It'll help, I promise.

Picture from Pinterest


  1. Excellent and much needed tips from my side, thank you! This is definitely the month I need to get organised at home, everything feels so chaotic. I am almost hoping for a snow storm next weekend just so i have no excuse but to get on and do it! /Niki PS thank you for all your great tips for Finland :)

    1. Glad I could help, Niki. I'll wish for a snow storm to appear near you to give you a little boost. :)


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