Saturday, 5 January 2013

This week I love...

... the New Year! And my blog finally working. :) Yay! So, this week's favourites are coming on a Saturday instead of the usual Friday but they'll still be as fun, inspiring and lovely. I hope...
So, tomorrow is the official day of putting Christmas out the door but it seems a lot of you have already done it. Me too! And now we can start waiting for spring to arrive.

With spring, come the gorgeous spring collections. I've seen pictures of the new Bloomingville, Tine K and H&M Home collections already and it seems that colours are making a comeback! Yikes! As I mentioned last week, yellow will be big this year and it seems that H&M Home agrees. Tine K on the other hand is offering a flaming red and Bloomingville had lots of gorgeous pastels in their collection.

Let's have a look if there's anything colourful in this week's favourites... 

1. I wish I had an Ipad. I really do! If I did, the first thing I would do is get the new issue of Trendenser. Trendenser is a monthly iPad magazine dedicated to Scandinavian home and interior design. It's got an article about interior stylists and that sounds really interesting! And issue 1 is now free!! Here's some more info if you're interested...

"The magazine features inspiration, interviews, and trend forecasting, plus store and product reviews. In addition to Scandinavian design classics, DIY projects, and recipes, Swedish editor Frida Ramstedt gives you personal reports from interior design events and furniture fairs around the world, including travel and city guides."

So, if you're lucky enough to have an Ipad, click here to get your issue.

2.There's something that every new year brings with it... the diet. My promise was to take better care of myself and that does include a bit of dieting as well. I found this simple guide to health from Pinterest and thought I'd share it with you in case you have made similar promises. I included a few ladies whose bodies and body confidence I admire - Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes and Beyonce. All curvy and absolutely gorgeous! Now, that's something to work towards to. I've got quite a way to go though. Ha hah!

3. Let's have a proper look at all this colour that's so in right now... I always find that when the days finally start to get brighter, I start craving some colour into my home. Last year I tried pink in the spring, blue in the summer and purple in the autumn. This year I'm thinking of trying mint. Have you thought of trying out a colour this spring?! Here are some subtle ways to introduce a bit of colour into your home this spring. All pictures come courtesy of Pinterest.

4. I don't always know, which one of us is meant to be the one writing an interior blog and knowing what's going on in the world of interiors as my mum is quite often the one telling me about new shops, blogs and websites. This time she's come across a gorgeous interior shop in Turku that's been open for little over a year and looks absolutely amazing! How did I not know about this before?!?

Avelia was opened in November 2011 and boasts a fab list of brands - House Doctor, Bloomingville, Tolix, Balmuir, Beach House and so on. I am going there as soon as possible. Maybe in February, if I'm lucky. I would love to hear your comments if you've already been there.

5. One of the first projects I'm going to take on this year will be wallpapering my hallway. Provided that I get permission to do so from my landlady. I haven't asked her yet but I have bought a roll of wallpaper. It was on offer and I couldn't resist. Anyway, I'm hoping to wallpaper one wall with a faux brick wall. White, of course. Have you got any projects planned?!

Have a great weekend! The weather is meant to be gorgeous tomorrow so enjoy!!

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