Friday, 6 September 2013

This week I love...

...decorating! I have been changing textiles, adding some candles and otherwise updating my home for the autumn period. It's absolutely my favourite time of year and I love how the house changes with these little touches from fresh and summery to cosy and inviting. Have you started updating your homes already?! I'll be continuing the decorating all this weekend and trying to clear out some clutter and add something new into the living room. More about that below...

1. I ♥ Anno
I've been drooling over these new Anno A/W pieces for a while now. It looks very industrial inspired and so cool. Lots of graphic prints, soft textures and also some pocket friendly alternatives to some more expensive brands like the feather sheets. I soooo want that E light box letter. Have you got your eye on some pieces?!

2. I ♥ grey
I am (a little bit) obsessed with grey! I haven't really had any grey in the house before but that all is going to change this week. I've been looking at inspirational pictures in my favourite blogs and in Pinterest, today I bought some new grey textiles and tomorrow I'm going to add grey into my own home. Here's some inspiration... in case you need it too.

3. I ♥ DIY
This idea is older than time but it still looks really fresh with this little update. The scallop pattern makes it current and has been very popular in decoration. Now you can make this print yourself with the help of just some potatoes. Cut your potato into the right shape and use black paint (or maybe ink?). To get a straight line you can draw it first and then start pressing your potato along that line. This idea and picture came originally from here.

4. I ♥ Jennifer Lopez
Jenny from the block is back and this picture proves it. I just looooove this look!! The simple outfit lets the accessories and her incredible beauty do the talking.The bun is high up on the head, pulled very tight and finished with a scarf. Cool!! The accessories include big hoop earrings, a stack of bracelets and some Ray-Bans. And it's all finished off with the gorgeous red lip. Tell me again, how old is this woman because she just looks too cool for school. Love, love, love!!!

5. I ♥ this apartment
Yes, it's from Sweden. Yes, it's as stunning as always. My favourite details - the kitchen floor, the cat poster in the living room and the dining room table and chairs grouped on the rug. Oh, and the hallway. So beautiful!! I will think of that when I start updating my own entrance. Here are the pictures. You can find them from here.

Have a great weekend and hope that you found some inspiration from here!!


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