Friday, 14 November 2014

This week I love...

...the upcoming festive season. My life has been full of Christmas this week as we've started the Christmas campaign at work. Phew! Glad that's done now. But it has definitely put me in the right mood. Let's see how much of that will travel with me back home. Ha hah! So far I only have some little Christmas trees but who knows, maybe after the weekend I have a whole winter wonderland going on here. Well, let's hope not.

Time to have a look at this week favourites... Wonder if there's any Christmas related things there??

1. I ♥ wreaths
Oh my, the very first thing on the list is indeed Christmas related. Ha hah! My door currently has a very plain and very boring wreath. So, I started looking for inspiration to find a more suitable option. I very much like the look of these three. I think that antler one is super cool... Which one is your favourite?

2. I ♥ this bracelet
This is by far the most amazing gift idea ever! Whether it's for a Christmas present, for a birthday or even for a wedding, I'm sure anyone would be delighted to receive a personalised signature bracelet. The bracelet will have the text of your choosing and is made to perfectly match the handwriting of the individual - a child, a mother or a loved one and will be a treasured memory for years to come. You can find more information and order the bracelet from here.

Picture from

3. I ♥ this house
I don't know whether that kitchen is ultra modern or really dated. It looks like something from the 80s yet it has a very modern vibe to it. And notice that they've used the same wood/cupboards in the bedroom too. I have mixed feelings about this flat but as a whole it looks great. Anyone else confused?! Pictures are from Stadshem

4. I ♥ DIY
This gorgeous shelf would be such an easy DIY project. And in a land of millions of birch trees it shouldn't be difficult to find the materials either. :) All you need is some wood that you make the shelf with and then the right size log will sit in between. So cool!!! Or if you prefer to buy it, click here.

5. I ♥ music
A few weeks ago my mum and I were busy making cards. We always listen to music while we "work" and this time, as we were making Christmas cards, it was Christmas music that we were listening to. Suddenly, these songs started playing. My mum had found Christmas lullabies for babies. Ha hah! At first I thought it was quite silly but it's actually very relaxing and I think this would be lovely background music for a Christmas party for example. So, here you go.

With this, I wish you a lovely weekend. Enjoy, relax and do lots of fun stuff!! 

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