Friday, 28 November 2014

This week I love...

...first advent! It's time to start the countdown to Christmas. Yay! Anyone else excited? I know I am. :) Tomorrow, it's time to get the home ready for the festive period and I'll be starting with new curtains in the living room and bedroom and possibly a new order in the bedroom. Ha hah! I haven't had a chance to get the white pillowcases I wanted for the living room so that'll have to wait for another week or so. But at least I'll get started. And there's a whole month to get ready so no worries. We'll get there...

And now, time to have a look at this week's favourites...

1. I ♥ cotton
Cotton flowers, I mean. They are decorative, delicate and actually look really nice this time of year. They can be used in vases (no water needed!), they could be used in wreaths or you could even hang them in a string and make a decoration for the window. I've seen them in flower shops this week so now is the time to get it and then get creative!

2. I ♥ DIY
Pinterest is full of great printable gift labels. There's soooo many different kinds but I really like these pastel beauties. They would look beautiful with some grey or white wrapping paper. Or how about going crazy and combining them with other pastels, discarding the usual Christmas colours. Now, there's an interesting idea... You can print them in French, Spanish or English. Just click here and get printing.

3. I ♥ this house
Wow! I am so in love with that bedroom. It's massive and I love the open rail. Though you would have to have a very harmonious wardrobe to have everything so fully on display. Ha hah! I also love the little touches of Christmas that have been added, mainly with plants. How quick and easy! And I guess it's no surprise that the colours are close to my heart too. Yet another beauty from Stadshem.

4. I ♥ brooches
No, I'm not a granny! :) But I do love brooches and I have decided to bring them back to fashion. Ha hah! I know, quite a big task to single handedly get done. Which is why, I'm going to now make you fall in love with them too. Ha hah! I have been collecting vintage brooches for years and I have a great collection. If you don't have any, have a look at flea markets and if you get really serious about it, antique fairs are a great place to find stunning brooches. There are lots of ways to wear them. How about adding one to your beanie or to your coat to brighten up your mornings. Here are some pictures to inspire you... I hope.

5. I ♥ candles
I thought these look very cute. Imagine using some beautifully scented herbs like thyme or lavender. I bet they would make the whole house smell amazing. This would be a great gift idea too, don't you think? So, delight yourself or someone you love. It's easy!

This week has now been covered. Time to start the weekend. So, I'm off to the sauna. I need some relaxation before tomorrow's cleaning day. Ha hah! Have a great weekend!!

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