Friday, 21 November 2014

This week I love...

...the way it looks outside, right now. I am not a fan of winter and today when I left work it was full on winter outside. My trainers were not appropriate footwear and I had to bury myself in my scarf and ended up looking like an old lady. Ha hah! But now that I am sitting on my sofa and I have candles burning everywhere it actually looks lovely outside. The snow has made the ground all white and it just looks so pretty. I can enjoy winter from the comfort of my sofa and that is the way I like it.

Now it's time for this week's list of favourites. Let's have a look at what has made the list this week...

1. I ♥ brown glass
This picture combines my favourite things - brown glass (which I have somehow accumulated quite a collection of) and cacti. I have two left as I killed my smallest cactus recently. Oops! I bet you didn't know that it was possible to kill a cactus. Well, it is. My mum suspects I over-watered it which sounds better than letting it die for lack of water. Ha hah! I love seeing pictures like this where I know I can recreate them at home without having to buy lots of new stuff. A new cactus (or three) is maybe all I need. :)

2. I ♥ easy access
Whenever I see pictures of boxes, trays and other collections of kitchen necessities, I always wish I had one at home. Surely something like this is not that hard to put together?! I have boxes, baskets, trays and all but I think for me, the problem is I don't have all of those pretty bottles. I even have two of those porcelain chopping boards. I think it's time I invest in a couple of Nicolas Vahe bottles or something to get the desired effect. It would just be handy to have oil, salt and pepper close by while cooking, right? Here are a couple of inspiration pictures from my Pinterest board Kitchen.

3. I ♥ this house
OH MY GOD... Look at that wall in the dining room!!! How incredible is that?! Wow! I just couldn't tear my eyes of it. In fact, the whole room has been decorated amazingly. The rest of the apartment is pretty too but nothing can beat that wall, am I right?! This beauty comes from the vast selection of Stadshem. More pictures here.

4. I ♥ cosy
The snow outside is making me dream of big, woolly jumpers. There are a lot of gorgeous neutral colours available in shops at the moment and I picked something similar from my Fashion - Autumn/Winter board to inspire you on your weekend shopping trip. Get something big that you can wrap yourself in on a cold winter day. As the colour is neutral try to get some detail in the jumper. Maybe some gorgeous cables in the front or some kind of coating on the surface. Be adventurous, just make sure it's warm!

5. I ♥ nursery illustrations
I have a whole board on Pinterest reserved for pictures and posters that would be suitable for a nursery. I have this idea of a mix of frames (different shapes and sizes, same colour) with gorgeous pictures that somehow follow the same story. Whether the similarity is in the colour scheme or in the subject of the pictures, that's up to you (and me) to decide. Here's one combo that I really like. You can find 247 more pictures from my board Nursery Illustrations. There's plenty to choose in there for boys, girls and also gender neutral, just take your pick!

So, shop or sleep on the weekend, enjoy!!! I'll be staying indoors to avoid the snow. Ha hah!

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