Friday, 8 May 2015

This week I love...

...Mother's Day. I am so beyond excited about my first Mother's Day as a mother myself. I feel absolutely blessed and so privileged to be a mother to our little angel. And on Sunday I get to celebrate that with my loved ones all by my side. Including my own amazing mother.

Let's have a look at this week's list then...

1. I ♥ these chairs
I love rattan. It's beautiful, has a natural feel and is easy to move around 'cause it's not too heavy. These chairs have amazing detailing, stunning colours and would look perfect on a terrace or balcony. Imagine them with some seat cushions in a matching, perhaps printed fabric, some Moroccan lanterns and plants around them. I just couldn't decide whether to choose the lovely lilac or that beautiful coral.

2. I ♥ mood boards
I love mood boards - they are inspirational, beautiful and also very useful. They help bring ideas together and see the bigger picture. Plus they are a lot of fun to make. If you have a project coming up, try to make one. Have a look at these ones I found on Pinterest for some inspiration.

3. I ♥ this house
Simple styling. Beautiful materials - linens, woods, marble. Original details. That's what this home is made of. And I love it. Do you? More pictures can be found here.

4. I ♥ Lagerhaus
Lagerhaus is one of my favourite shops and an absolute must to visit whenever I go to Sweden. Now I don't have to wait for that as they now ship to Finland. Best news of the week!!! You can check out their selection here but be warned, you will want something... or possibly everything. :) Here are a few things I selected to show you what's available. Happy shopping!

5. I ♥ these nails
Our baby's Christening is fast approaching and there's all kinds of plans that need to be made. My current plan is to wear a pink dress and these nails would look awesome with that in mind. And as it happens, I already have both of these colours sitting in my cupboard. So pretty and I love the glitter. Yes, I do. :)

With that, this week's list is complete. All that is left is to wish you a fabulous weekend. Especially to all the mothers out there. Enjoy your day - you've surely deserved it.


  1. Ihanaa ensimmäistä äitienpäivää rakkaalle ystävälle! ❤️❤️
    xx J


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