Friday, 22 May 2015

This week I love...

...making plans. Small plans, like meeting up with friends next week or bigger plans like what to do this summer. They're all equally fun to make despite the size. Little plans are a fun way to move towards the big plans and make sure you always have something to look forward to. I do have to say I am glad that the baby now has a name so I don't have to make any more plans that are related to the Christening. Ha hah!!

Let's move onto this week's list then. It might cause you to have to make some interior related plans. You've been warned...

1. I ♥ metal sinks
I never imagined having a metallic sink in the bathroom but after seeing these pictures, that's all I'm dreaming about right now. These are soooo cool! Damn you, Pinterest for making me want things I can't have!! :)

2. I ♥ jewellery
I am a big fan of pearls (especially fresh water pearls, as the ones here). And monogrammes. And gold. So, for me, this is pretty much a perfect piece of jewellery. It's so beautiful. In the picture, there's actually 9 bangles so it's more delicate than it might seem. If you like it too, more info can be found here. I might attempt to make it myself...

3. I ♥ this house
This house has such an amazing feel to it. Soft, a bit bohemian yet clean and organised. The kitchen is quite industrial style but then has a very ornate William Morris wallpaper. What a contrast! You can find more pictures and a story of the renovation (in Swedish) here.

4. I ♥ round mirrors
These entrances all have round mirrors and I think they look just incredible. Especially that first one with the huge mirror. Oh, how I wish I had a big entrance hall like that. Or at least big enough to have a little table there. I don't think that's too much to ask, is it?!

5. I ♥ these serving plates
How cool are these serving plates?! Perfect for both dinner parties and everyday use. I bet everything looks nice on these plates. A little bit of help for the more challenged chefs out there (like me!). For more info, click here.

That's all we have this week, peeps. I hope this beautiful sunshine continues over the weekend...

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