Friday, 29 May 2015

This week I love...

...Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They are showing them on TV (again) and I am watching them (again). Who could resist captain Jack Sparrow?! Johnny Depp plays his role in such a way that keeps you enjoying the movies, again and again. 

There's nothing movie related on the list but let's have a look anyway, shall we...

1. I ♥ my little summer cottage
Summer is very nearly here and so is the time to start enjoying our summer cottages. The best part about mine is that every summer I get to decorate it a little bit differently. Just changing the textiles changes the whole look. I love the variety. This year I have something like this in mind...

2. I ♥ peonies
Peony season has begun!! Peonies are one of my favourite flowers. They are so beautiful and even just one makes a big statement. They come in a variety of colours from pure white to vibrant coral (which I had at home last week). Different shades of pink guarantee that there's a peony for everyone. Which colour is your favourite?

3. I ♥ this house
This flat is small but perfectly formed. Beautiful sofa. I could sit on that for hours watching TV. And so much gorgeous glassware everywhere. On that sofa table, on the kitchen shelves... Love! More pictures from Stadshem.

4. I ♥ DIY
How easy yet clever is this idea?! I would love this for the nursery but I guess it would look equally good in any room. I'd love to try this but I need to find a dresser first... Recycling centre, here I come.

5. I ♥ events
And one of the best events I know is just upon us. The blogger's flea market at Cafe Latte Spirit. I've been selling there a couple of times and this time is no exception. Amazing ladies are getting rid of their unwanted treasures and believe me, there are real treasures there to be found. I hope to see you there on Sunday.

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