Friday, 2 August 2013

This week I love...

...rustic and romantic. My last night's inspirational flat has been very inspiring indeed. Today I also went to a place that combined rustic and more modern lines with gorgeous textiles perfectly. More about that below... The week has been rather lovely otherwise too - a visit to see a friend's brand new baby, time spent with my best friend and her kids and of course lovely nights at home with S. And the weekend looks to continue the loveliness. We're going to the summer cottage and the weather is meant to be beautiful. Yay! Even though it'll be a weekend filled with work, I'm still looking forward to it. Ha hah!

Right, time to get to this week's favourites...

1. I ♥ Monday to Sunday HOME
That's where I went today - a pop up shop for Monday to Sunday HOME. Best known for their own linen line they also have gorgeous ceramics (very TineK) and some carefully chosen goodies from other suppliers. The pop-up took place in the owner's home and what a beautiful home it was. Lots of white, beige and grey. Beautiful cabinets with glass doors and the most amazing balcony with a sea view. I could've bought everything but left with "just" two House Doctor glass boxes and two of those gorgeous striped cups. The pop-up is still tomorrow so if you have a chance, go go go!!!

I borrowed some of the beautiful pictures from Päivi's blog so you could see what's available. 

Beautiful ceramics and the House Doctor boxes that I bought

Lovely scarves

The famous linen - available in white, beige and two different greys

2. I ♥ Ikea
And the sneak peek that I've seen from their new catalogue is only going to make me love them more. I've seen the stationery already available in other countries and I really really hope that Finland will get it soooooon!!! It's gorgeous, don't you think?! I also love the baskets on the bottom shelf in the last picture. Want!!! All pictures are from Ikea's website.

3. I ♥ this salad
As soon as I saw these cubes my mouth was watering. This salad looks yummy!!! Tomato, cucumber, watermelon and the super trendy avocado make this beautiful salad look and taste great. Healthy and pretty looking. What could be better?!

4. I ♥ feline flicks
That means eyes that have been lined with a bold black liner and flicked at the end. Very sexy but I don't know how to do them!!! My hand is just not steady enough, I guess. But I really like them. Maybe I just have to buy the ready eyeliner stickers. Ha hah!

5. I ♥ this flat
And I especially love the kitchen. The wallpaper is quite busy but I love the idea of tiles and wallpaper and open shelving to separate the two. So gorgeous! I definitely want that in my own home one day. The sooner the better... :) The flat can be found from Stadshem's website, just click here.

That is all for this week. Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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