Friday, 30 August 2013

This week I love...

...autumn!!! Can I already say the word?! Seeing as it'll be September on Sunday I think I'm allowed already. I love this time of year. The leaves in the trees are turning red, yellow and orange and look almost as beautiful as the first leaves in the spring. The nights are getting darker and I can finally start burning candles. And I can finally start wearing all of my gorgeous scarves and new jumpers that I've been buying during the summer. I don't know about you but I'm excited about autumn. Hope you are too...

This week's list has finds from the world and something from closer to home too. Shall we have a look?!

1. I ♥ fig trees
I'm dying to add a fig tree to my plant collection. I've been seeing them in several blogs and I really want one for myself too!! I have to say, most, if not all of those blogs have been international. I wonder if you can even get these in Finland?! I need to enquire this from my aunt. She'll know. So glad to have a flower guru in the family.

From Stylizimo blog

From Daniella Witte blog

From Concept By Anna blog
2. I ♥ this apartment
Amazing! Incredible! Stunning! Those are just a few words I could use to describe this Swedish beauty. I am in love with the dining table, chairs and the light above the table. The living room is lovely too except I don't think the carpet was the best choice. What do you think?! All info on Stadshem's website, click here.

3. I ♥ DIY
This was the best DIY tip of the week as it's something that I really need. I bought a new camera recently but I still haven't got a strap for it. This stunning strap is made using a normal scarf so it's really fashionable as well as functional. I found it on Pinterest but tracked down it's origins to beatehemsborg blog. You can find the instructions for the strap on the blog. I want to try this as soon as possible. What a great idea!!!

4. I ♥ my new bits and bobs
These are some of my newest little trinkets that I've bought recently. The glass cube boxes are from House Doctor, cushion covers, black vase and candle from H&M Home, silver vase from Lifestyle Outlet and silver candle from Lagerhaus in Sweden. They're really versatile and perfect for making displays. All I did was add some little decorative items that I already had in the house and that's my displays done!

5. I ♥ Craft Fairs
There's a Craft Fair coming up in Helsinki in September. Kädentaitomessut will be held in Wanha Satama during the weekend of 14.-15.9. You can buy both materials as well as finished products. I like to go there to get some inspiration and see new ideas. So, I'll definitely go. Are you coming too?!

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