Friday, 23 August 2013

This week I love...

...being back at work. Yes, I'm serious. I had last week off but I was actually feeling quite happy going in on Monday. I've had a lovely week at work - it was my last week training a group of new visuals, the ladies department got good feedback from an area visit and everyone was on a good mood too. After the summer holidays this was the first week all four of us visuals were back in at the same time. It is so nice to have a great team around you. It makes every day a bit more fun. Although I miss my old team member, E, I'm also happy with her replacement, S. We all get along well and laugh a lot.

So, the weekend... I'll be heading to the summer cottage. S is in London so I'll just go with my mum and dad. Hoping to pop by a new interior store (I guess it's a store?) in Salo and see my aunt too. I'll tell you if I see something amazing. Hey, time to check out this week's favourites. Here they are...

1. I ♥ this home
I wasn't even going to watch these pictures as the first picture was of the balcony and it wasn't THAT exciting but am I glad I did... How fabulous is that wall grid or shelf or whatever it is?! Or the incredible dining table? Oh, and the curved kitchen wall is almost as stunning as the exposed brick (my eternal favourite!). It's just all amazing!!! Can I move in, pretty please?!! More pictures and info can be found here.

2. I ♥ Beyonce's new hair
I know everyone is going on and on about how gorgeous Beyonce's long hair was but I absolutely adore this new short bob. She originally cut her hair a really short pixie but quickly added a bit of length and I think it's super cool and suits her really well. WANT!

3. I ♥ Tine K A/W collection
One of the best things about autumn is the arrival of the new collections - both fashion and interior. Today I have a couple of pictures featuring the A/W collection of queen of Scandinavian cool, Tine K. I especially love the wood furniture, not that I can afford it, but I can still admire it. From a distance. Ha hah! What's your favourite?

4. I ♥ this cushion
So... I saw this picture on Pinterest of a cushion with the funniest text: life is too short for ugly pillows. Totally fell for it and obviously now must get it. I ventured over to the website of SMÄM a.k.a. Sara Woodrow - an art director, designer and obviously a very talented illustrator. The cushion is from her brand new collection and I think I need to e-mail her to find out whether I can order this gorgeous cushion to brighten up my sofa. You can visit her website here if you want one too. And let's face it, why wouldn't you want one?! All pictures are from her website.

5. I ♥ this wedding dress
No, I'm not about to get married just yet but I will one day (don't worry, I am already engaged, not just crazy!). It might be in a year or two... I hope. Now, most girls dream of their wedding well before it takes place and that dream often involves a gorgeous dress. I've done this very same thing but I never, and I mean never, dreamed it with a dress like this.

I always pictured something more classic, maybe with some lace etc. Until I saw this Elie Saab dress, that is. It just took my breath away!!!! It is absolutely one of the most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen. And I've seen quite a few. I can't really even explain why I love it so much. The colour is not white, it's got long sleeves and I would want a veil which doesn't go with this but for some reason I just love it! Anyone else think it's beautiful?! You can check the rest of the pictures here if you're interested.

I'm off now to have a fabulous weekend!!!! It's meant to be sunny and beautiful and warm!! ENJOY!

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