Friday, 9 August 2013

This week I love...

...being on holiday!!! I have next week off and we're going to Sweden!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait. It's just a cruise but I am so excited. I haven't been there in years and S has never been there so it'll definitely be a trip to remember. I love just being on the boat, let alone getting a chance to do some shopping in Stockholm. Yay!!!

Let's start this week's list... Lots of lovely stuff coming up... Enjoy!!

1. I ♥ DIY
You know I love a bit of DIY and when I saw this easy and super cool idea, I knew I had to share it with you. There have been a lot of dip dyed things from wooden spoons to hair but somehow this is the one that I love the most. Maybe it's the soft pastel shades or maybe the trendy Thonet chairs. Whatever it is, it looks amazing! I have a chair downstairs that I think would benefit from this kind of freshening up. Pictures and the whole idea are courtesy of Alexander Waterworth Interiors for Hally’s London.

2. I ♥ Chip It!
There has been a challenge circling in the blogs that I regularly read. Started by Kerttu from Modernisti Kodikas blog, the challenge requires you to upload pictures from your home to Chip It! and the programme gives you your home's colour palette. I tried it and this is what came up. I had no idea my home was that colourful. Ha hah!! It's a lot of fun so give it a go. Just a word of advice - make your pictures a bit smaller, otherwise it takes forever.

3. I ♥ this hair
Wow wow and once again wow! This hair is just perfect. The blunt cut and natural colour. I love it and of course I want it! Just need to grow my hair a little bit longer... Now if only I could decide whether that hair is blonde or brown. Any help?!

4. I ♥ copper
Two DIY's in one week... Oh yes. I bet you've seen copper in magazines, blogs and in the shops. Copper is definitely on the up and is getting more and more popular. You don't always have to buy things that are copper though. I saw these DIY copper hangers here. Easy, all you need is hangers and spray paint. Looks gorgeous!! Spray paint in a copper shade is widely available - try for example Motonet or Prisma. Try it this weekend!

5. I ♥ Hämeenpuisto's interior event
Next Saturday 17 August, an event will take place in Hämeenpuisto, Tampere and it's one not to be missed. Combining interiors, decorating, antiques this event was a success last year and I hope it'll be the same this year. The vibe is quite white and romantic but I'm sure there's something for everyone. More info can be found on the Facebook page of the event, here. Here are a couple of pictures I borrowed from Dots and Stripes blog. I'm going. Are you?!

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you next Saturday in Tampere. 

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